2018 WillCo Football Honors

2018 WillCo Football Honors

The 2018 WillCo Football Honors seek to recognize standout football performances from across the state. The awards are chosen by Home Page Sports Editor Cory Woodroof. 

Team of the Year: Page Patriots

Nobody expected the Page Patriots to go 9-1 on the 2018 season, but the magic of Rudderville was such that the team posted up its best season in about two decades.

Head coach Charles Rathbone and his pulverizing Patriots plowed through the regular season, only taking one loss to upper-class Ravenwood. The team bested its biggest rival, Shelbyville Central, on a last-second field goal to claim the school’s first region title since 1999. Cade Walker emerged as a dangerous threat at quarterback, and wide receiver/defensive back Michael Burdick stood out as one of the best players in all of county football on both sides of the equation.

The team won a home playoff game before losing to Beech in the second round, but an earlier-than-hoped-for exit doesn’t diminish the prestige this team deserves. It’s one of the great stories to come out of Williamson County football in quite some time, an underdog that grew into a top dog, and it’ll have ramifications on this team and community for quite some time.

That’s why the Page Patriots are out 2018 WillCo Football Team of the Year.

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Christ Presbyterian Academy Lions 
  • Brentwood Academy Eagles 
  • Brentwood High School Bruins 
  • Ravenwood High School Raptors 

Player of the Year: RB Jariel Wilson, Centennial

Wilson’s exemplary career as a Centennial Cougar and stunning 2018 season that saw him shine in tough times for the team sees him most fit to be named the 2018 WillCo Football Player of the Year.

A feature on Wilson and his honor will be posted next Tuesday here on the Home Page.  

Honorable Mentions:

  • WRs T.J. Sheffield & Isaiah Collier, Independence 
  • RB Matt Gaca, Franklin
  • QB Cade Granzow, Brentwood
  • WR/DB Michael Burdick, Page
  • RB Tomario Pleasant, Brentwood Academy 
  • RB/LB Kane Patterson, CPA
  • WR Noah Henderson, CPA 
  • QB Ryan Eledge, CPA 
  • WR Kam Harris-Lusk, Fairview 
  • DE Bryan Rice, Ravenwood 
  • QB Brian Garcia, Ravenwood 
  • DB Chapman Beaird, Franklin 
  • WR/DB Tim Coutras, Nolensville 
  • RB Colton Dooley, Nolensville 

Coach of the Year: Ron Crawford, Brentwood

Crawford took on a team in the summer without a starting quarterback, without a lot of experience on defense and without a lot of folks picking it to win the ever-challenging Region 6-6A. Even still, the Bruins outperformed and overwhelmed some quality opponents throughout the season, and that’s large in-part to Crawford and his staff. He led the team to an 8-2 regular season record and all the way to the quarterfinals of Class 6A. Under Crawford, young quarterback Cade Granzow blossomed into a future country star, and the defense awakened and became one of the toughest to face in the county.

He also guided the program through a very difficult time after the team lost a valued member of its community, Lucas Davis. Through his leadership and love for the Bruin community, Crawford’s greatest victories came through his role in helping Brentwood High School and his team heal after such a tragic moment. He’s said he feels that high school sports primarily should be about building relationships, which flows through all he does. He’s a man of high character and coaching talent, and is very deserving to be named the 2018 WillCo Football Coach of the Year.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Charles Rathbone, Page
  • Ingle Martin, Christ Presbyterian Academy
  • Cody White, Brentwood Academy
  • Matt Daniels, Ravenwood

Play of the Year (TIE) 

  • Brentwood’s LB Xiere Howard’s pick-six in the Battle of the Woods
  • Brentwood’s WR Avery Williams’ one-handed catch against Centennial to win the Bruins the region

The most magic sprung this season with the Bruins in two game-changing plays. The first saw Howard change the momentum in a Battle of the Woods with a stupendous pick-six that helped will the underdog to a road win over its fiercest rival.

The second saw Williams haul in a fast ball in traffic to get the Bruins in scoring position to set up a region-winning touchdown. Both are highlights neither team nor fan base will soon forget.

Honorable Mention: Page WR Michael Burdick’s spin-and-run kick return against Lincoln Co.

Below are individual superlatives and the 2018 All-County WillCo Football selections. 

Offensive MVPs of the Year: QBs Nathan Cisco/Ethan Cash, WRs T.J. Sheffield, Isaiah Collier, Indy

Defensive MVPs of the Year: the Franklin Rebels defense

WillCo Rising Star Award: OLB C.J. Ware (Nolensville), RB Jordan James (Brentwood Academy), QB Destin Wade (Summit)


QB: Cade Granzow (Brentwood), Ethan Cash (Indy), Nathan Cisco (Indy), Ryan Eledge (CPA), Brian Garcia (Ravenwood), Nick Semptimphelter (BGA), Cade Walker (Page)

RB: Jariel Wilson (Centennial), Matt Gaca (Franklin), Tomario Pleasant (BA), Colton Dooley (Nolensville), George Odimegwu (Summit), Brogan Wilson (FRA), Kane Patterson (CPA), Sam West (CPA), Andrew Madden (CPA), Kaleb Seay (BGA), Jordan Nicholas (Brentwood), Tony Rice (Ravenwood)

WR: T.J. Sheffield (Independence), Isaiah Collier (Independence), Michael Burdick (Page), Noah Henderson (CPA), Kam Harris-Lusk (Fairview), Lance Wilhoite (FRA), Riley Speed (FRA), Antonio Stevens (BGA), Tiy Reed (BGA), Avery Williams (Brentwood), Andrew Mason (Ravenwood), Anthony Holmes (Ravenwood), Tim Coutras (Nolensville), Cole Scott (GCA)

TE: Bryce McCormick (CPA), Tim Stayskal (Nolensville), Brock Holthaus (Franklin), Jake Briningstool (Ravenwood), Brayden Stem (Summit)

OL: Jacob Stopkotte (CPA), Jarrett Matthews (CPA), Will Collins (BA), Nate Clifton (BA), Eli Sutton (BA), Eli Mabyerry (BGA), Graham Barton (Ravenwood), Gabe Sleenhof (Ravenwood), Jacob Spears (Centennial), Christian Moolman (Franklin)

DL: Tymon Mitchell (FRA), Tank Starr (Brentwood), Stone Roston (Brentwood), Thomas Gore (BA), Chico Bennett (BGA), Wyatt Greenewalt (BGA), Rashad Jenkins (Franklin), Luke Shouse (Ravenwood)

LB: Kane Patterson (CPA), Devyn Curtis (BA), Jack Victory (BA), C.J. Ware (Nolensville), Xiere Howard (Brentwood), Mark Morales (Brentwood), Dominic Roberts (Franklin), Khani Kelton (Franklin), Luke Bowers (Page), Jackson Satterfield (Page)

DB: Tahir Annoor (BA), Amir Annoor (BA), Aaron Lovins (BA), Davis Witt (Brentwood), Michael Burdick (Page), Chapman Beaird (Franklin), Cooper Palk (Franklin), Tim Coutras (Nolensville), Tim Stayskal (Nolensville)

ST: K Tabor Miller (Brentwood), K Johnny Crouch (Centennial), K Luke Akers (Ravenwood), KR/PR Michael Burdick (Page)

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