A new website aims to bring physical and occupational therapists to patients

A new website aims to bring physical and occupational therapists to patients


Instead of asking patients to drive across town to a therapist’s office, a new company hopes to bring therapists to patients.

The website Enablr Therapy launched this week. The company was created by Kyle Keene, who also created the therapy company Project Play, which has locations in Nashville, Nolensville and Franklin.

Patients looking for occupational or physical therapy can search for a treatment provider on the website and then schedule an appointment at their house or office.

After starting Project Play, Keene said he heard from lots of patients who didn’t have time to schedule an appointment at an office.

“I still was having daily conversations with families, with mothers that it’s so hard to get the proper amount of therapy,” he said. 

Many of those patients were parents, who had to figure out how to squeeze in an appointment around school, work or other activities for their kids.

While other industries have adopted new technologies like phone apps, Keene said most therapists haven’t modernized their businesses. The new service will work more like Uber, allowing patients to summon a therapist to their home.

“The pediatric therapy world is a little outdated,” Keene said. “For all of the change that’s been going on everywhere else, pediatric therapy had really largely stayed the same in terms of service options and delivery options.”

In addition to helping patients, Keene said the service will also make life easier for therapists. Rather than maintaining a physical office, therapists can save money by visiting patients at home.

“These professionals, by and large, are working parents, especially working moms who don’t necessarily want to work a full-time job,” he said, “A lot of these therapists are so darn talented and passionate, but they have limited options of how they can serve because they don’t want to deal with scheduling and marketing and billing.”

At first, Keene is focusing on Nashville. There are already a handful of local therapists on the platform. But he said the idea could easily expand to other cities.

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