After initially deciding against it, Brentwood will send out its regular summer concert series postcards

After initially deciding against it, Brentwood will send out its regular summer concert series postcards


After a recent discussion between city staff and the Board of Commissioners, City of Brentwood staff will indeed send its regular Summer Concert Series postcards again this year. The 6×11 postcards go out every year with dates of upcoming summer concerts and will have information about the free community festival in June, Brentfest.

City staff had previously decided not to mail out the postcards and announced the change in the recent city newsletter as well as on social media.

City Manager Kirk Bednar told city commissioners Thursday that it was the staff’s opinion that the postcards didn’t get much “bang for the buck” they were spending, which he said was anywhere from $5,000 to $6,000.

“That’s more than the cost to put on a concert for the band,” Bednar said Thursday, asking commissioners for feedback.

According to Director of Community Relations Deanna Lambert, the actual cost to print, stamp and mail the cards is more than $6,300. To put that number in perspective, Lambert said the city’s average cost for a summer concert band is roughly between $3,500 and $4,000.

But based on feedback from residents, City Commissioner Anne Dunn said the idea of nixing the regular postcards didn’t go over so well. 

“This is something personal sent to every resident saying, ‘This is what’s happening in your city,’” Dunn said. “I know it’s on the website, but everybody doesn’t [visit the website]. I think that [the postcard] is excellent community relations reaching out to the public, and in the whole budget, $5,000 is worth every penny.”

Newly elected City Commissioner Susannah MacMillan chimed in, adding that she always hangs up the postcard in her home. 

Commissioner Rhea Little said he, too, has heard feedback from residents asking when the cards would be sent.

Many of the concerts are historically paid for by sponsors. Because of the high volume of 50th Birthday sponsors, however, Bednar said the city got less sponsorship than normal for the summer concerts.

Despite this, Lambert said the city will go ahead and send the postcards so residents don’t miss out on any summer concert dates. Lambert said the 24,000 postcards will be mailed by the first of next week.

Information about the summer concert series can be found on the City of Brentwood’s website here.

The below survey is meant to gauge Brentwood resident interest in seeing the summer concert series postcards mailed in the future. All responses are anonymous.

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