ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Brentwood Academy

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Brentwood Academy

Aaron Lovins


Aaron Lovins, son of Richard and Lisa Lovins, is a junior at Brentwood Academy and a member of the Varsity Football Team.

He plays the positions of cornerback and wide receiver for the team.

Lovins said his biggest highlight from this season was in the team’s first game against Hillsboro.

“I lit up a receiver, forcing an incomplete pass,” he said. “This also happened to be my first big play in a varsity game.”

Lovins describes himself as an avid sports fan.

“I have always loved all kinds of sports,” he said. “I chose to pursue football because I love all aspects of the game. The running, hitting, and teamwork involved in football is what I love the most.”

When asked what inspires him to train and compete he said, “I was born with a mindset to always strive for greatness and be the best at anything I chose to do. This keeps me motivated to constantly train and compete.”

One of his biggest role models is Bart Starr, a retired professional football player and coach.

“His character and leadership, especially in the game of football, inspires me daily to be a leader and all-around good person,” he said.

Head Football Coach Cody White said of Lovins, “Aaron is extremely hardworking and diligent in all he does. He is a credit to our school and team. I am amazed at his improvement over the year which is a testament to his personal pride and commitment to excellence.”

When he’s not playing football, he enjoys lifting and running.  “It’s important to me to be in the best shape I can be in,” he said.

After graduating from BA next year, he plans to go to college on an athletic scholarship. He would like to study business and sports science.

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