ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Brentwood Academy

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Brentwood Academy

Kielii Chacon


Kielii Chacon, daughter of S’Lena Chacon, is a junior at Brentwood Academy and a member of the Girls Volleyball Team.

She plays the position of Libero. This season, she has had over 400 digs. One very dangerous moment stands out to Chacon from this season. In a game against Page High, she said, “I almost was decapitated by a ceiling fan.” During the game, a player bumped the volleyball high into the air, so high that it hit the ceiling fan, causing it to fall. Chacon was laying on the floor after diving for the ball as the ceiling fan fell. Luckily, she moved a few inches over before it hit the ground and saved herself from what could have been a very serious injury or worse.

Before volleyball, basketball was Chacon’s passion. She said she’s been playing for as long as she can remember. “But in 7th grade, Cathy Cram, a coach from Brentwood, basically told me, ‘you’re quick, you need to do volleyball,’ and she took me under her wing to teach me.”

When asked what inspires her as she trains and competes she said, “I want to be the first one in my family to go to college and the only way I can afford it is through scholarships… I know I have to always give 110 percent if I want to reach my goal!”

One of her biggest inspirations and role models Elle Woods, the main character in the film “Legally Blonde.”

“She does what no one thinks she can and doesn’t change for anyone,” she said.

Outside of volleyball through Brentwood Academy, Chacon enjoys playing beach volleyball, swimming, softball, singing, participating in musicals and plays, watching Netflix, experimenting with makeup, and working on cars with her mother.

After graduating from BA next year, she plans to play volleyball for a Division I college or an Ivy League school.

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