ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Brentwood Academy

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Brentwood Academy

Will Taylor


Will Taylor, son of Joe and Donna Taylor, is this week’s Kerr & Co. Realty Athlete of the Week.

He is a senior at Brentwood Academy and a member of the Wrestling Team.

His introduction to wrestling began when he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He started wrestling in middle school and said he began to take it more seriously the summer going into his sophomore year adding that that’s when he “fell in love with it.”

Going into his junior year, he started wrestling in the traditional Greco-Roman style, which forbids holds below the waist and puts an emphasis on throws.

When asked what inspires him to train and compete he said, “Working to become the best wrestler and man I can be… continuous improvement helps to keep me motivated.”

One of his biggest role models is his grandfather, William. He said he looks up to him for his difficult upbringing during The Great Depression and his ability to overcome adversity.

Taylor describes himself as committed, persistent and reliable.

Outside of wrestling, he enjoys playing the saxophone, which he has done since he was in fifth grade, and looking at cars.

After graduating from BA this year, he plans to continue wrestling at Williams Baptist University where he eventually hopes to make a world team.

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