Biggest year yet for BHS baseball chicken tender fundraiser

Biggest year yet for BHS baseball chicken tender fundraiser


A few years ago, the Brentwood Bruins Baseball Booster Club started looking for innovative ways to fundraise.

Some teams sold coupon books or gift cards, but this booster club wanted to try something different. The idea they settled on met with some initial skepticism.

“The first year we tried it everybody said, ‘We’re gonna go out and sell chicken?’” Booster Club President Will Scott recalled. 

Chicken tenders, to be exact. Team members sell them $20 for a 5-pound bag, $32 for a 10-pound bag. A portion of the money collected goes to cover team expenses. The team then donates a large portion of the chicken tenders to local non-profit organizations.

“This is the fourth year we’ve done this, and each year it’s gotten bigger and bigger,” Scott said. 

This year, BHS team members sold around 650 cases of chicken tenders. Of those, 244 cases were donated to the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes and One Gen Away. The donated amount equals roughly 2,440 pounds of chicken.

Scott said the fundraiser was good not only for the non-profits who receive the chicken, but for the baseball players who participate in it.

“One of the things we’re trying to teach the kids is even though they live in a community like Williamson County there are people that do need help,” Scott said. 

As far as he knows, Brentwood High School is the only school in the region that sells chicken tenders to raise money, although Scott has heard of some others in different parts of the state.

The club is already brainstorming ways to make the program even more successful next year, perhaps by looking for some local businesses to partner up with.

Either way, if you missed the chicken tenders this year, you will have another opportunity to get them in 2018.

“It’s something to do around Christmas time, and it really does help out the community,” Scott said.

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