BODY BALANCE WITH V: There’s magic in trashing your full-length mirror

BODY BALANCE WITH V: There’s magic in trashing your full-length mirror

Sometimes things unexpectedly happen in life that you wouldn’t necessarily choose.

When that occurs we really have two choices … and they are our choices. We can either be ticked off about it and fight it every step of the way or we can choose to take a breath, go with the flow, and find small (and maybe not so small) blessings from the situation.

This is exactly how I discovered that magic happens when you trash your full length mirror.

It was just over 3 months ago when I arrived home one afternoon to find water pooling on my kitchen floor.

The following two days would result in one entire side of my kitchen (that included my sink and dishwasher), along with some drywall and flooring, being ripped out by the mold remediation guy. Thank you, long time hidden leak…

The logic that followed in the coming weeks (mostly by me and not my husband) would involve remodeling the kitchen … because why would I put the same things back in there?

It would also involve overhauling the master bath … because if I am doing one, why would I not do the other?

This is where the magic began.

After demolition of the master bath, I ended up with no full length mirror in my house. In fact, the only mirrors that remained only displayed shoulders and above. At first, this proved to be irritating and would normally be a big stressor for me. However, this quickly became the least of my concerns during a time that I was not only using the second bathroom as a bathroom, but also washing my dishes in the bathroom sink.

With all that was turned upside down, I really, truly, honestly, only cared that I didn’t smell when I walked out the door.

Fast forward a couple of months, after living in layers of drywall dust with parts of my closet being located in different areas of the house, our faux kitchen being housed in the living room, oversized pieces of plastic hanging from the ceiling, and paper trails running through the house, I started to settle in to chaos.

That’s when something wonderful occurred to me, and it was like an epiphany.

As much stress as the upside down home I have been living in has caused, it also forced a change in perspective and focus.

During these past few month I realized that I have never been less judgmental of myself. Upon reflection, I noticed that I have never felt more at peace with my own self image.

Through this process I stopped issuing daily criticisms of myself every morning in the mirror … because I don’t have one! For the first time ever, I don’t start each day by turning sideways to see if my stomach is poking out.

Strangely enough, I noticed I have even been wearing a wider variety of outfits during the week.

I realized it’s because I haven’t been spending (entirely too much) time changing clothes while trying to decide if they make me look too big, too hippy, too thick, too short, too tall, too … you know what I mean.

What I also have realized is that there is true and real freedom in not worrying all of the time about how I look. My focus has been completely internal … finally. MAGIC!

All of these realizations have resulted in a solid decision. As I begin to put my house back together, loading up my cabinets, finding new pieces of furniture that blend, deciding on new fixtures, one choice was certain.

There will not be a full-length mirror going back in my bathroom. There will be no gigantic vanity mirror that will determine my mood for the day. There will be no piece of glass hanging anywhere that will give me permission to not love every part of

Nope. The full length mirror has been taken to the dump with the rest of the demo and, you know what? One little change in a daily habit means a big change in the amount of daily love I show myself. See. There really is magic in trashing your full-length mirror.



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