BODY BALANCE WITH V: What are you waiting for?

BODY BALANCE WITH V: What are you waiting for?

As we approach the end of the year, many of us are in the mind set that we will start doing something to take better care of ourselves at some point in the future.

The old New Year’s Resolutions are looming.

We think we will start when we get through the holidays. When the new Year begins. When we aren’t so busy. When the weather changes. Next week. Next month. Next …

Why are you waiting? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that?

If you really dug deep you might find a couple of different reasons. It could be that you are afraid that you will have to give up doing something that you enjoy. It could be that you are fearful that you will have to make too much of an effort to start doing something that doesn’t sound fun to you. It could even be that you have reached a point in life that you think (maybe even in the back of your mind) that’s it too late to make a real change for yourself.

Well, it’s time to let go of all of that.

First and foremost it is never too late to make positive changes for yourself and begin to live a better quality life. Taking better care of YOU should not mean that you have to stop enjoying the things that make you happy now. Quite the contrary. Taking care of yourself will only enhance the joy you feel everyday.

Making strides towards a healthier you should never mean that you HAVE to do anything. It should mean that you do these things for yourself because you respect who you are and the life you have. It should mean that, in the same way you care for your family, your friends, your neighbors, and even your pets, you care for your own self. With love … and that means wanting yourself to be healthy.

So forget starting something in the new year. Forget waiting until sometime in the future. Pick one thing you can do today to make yourself a better you. One habit. One change. One manageable thing that you can commit to do for yourself and start TODAY.

It’s never too late to smile a little bigger today than you did yesterday, and taking care of yourself right now will cause you to do just that. Don’t wait. Your time is now.


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