Brentwood awards over $300k to local schools, organizations

Brentwood awards over $300k to local schools, organizations
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The Brentwood Blaze organization was among many others who received a check from the City of Brentwood on Monday night. // PHOTO VIA DEANNA LAMBERT // CITY OF BRENTWOOD


At Monday night’s City Commission, Brentwood awarded $312,000 to local schools and organizations, continuing a more than 30-year tradition of contributions to the community.

The city presented 11 schools with $225,000, and distributed $87,000 among the Brentwood Blaze, the Brentwood Civitan Club, the FiftyForward Martin Center and the YMCA.

“We started in 1992 contributing as a city to the schools, and obviously then there were just a couple of schools here,” Brentwood Mayor Regina Smithson said. “Since that time, we have donated over $5 million and every penny has been worth it. Schools use it for such needed programs that they don’t budget through the county.”

Commissioner Anne Dunn, who was in office the first year the city began contributing, said that as a former teacher she is humbled to see the checks go out.

“I think it embarrasses us when you thank us, because we don’t have anything to do with it,” she said. “The community here makes it loud and clear they want support of the schools, and we thank you. Teachers, we want you to know how we appreciate you. Like firemen and policemen, people that contribute to the fabric of society, without them, we would not be where we are. An educated child makes for an educated community, and a better community, and we are all better for it.”

Brentwood and Ravenwood High Schools each received $60,000, and Brentwood, Sunset and Woodland Middle each received $15,000. Crockett, Edmondson, Kenrose, Scales and Sunset Elementary schools were each awarded $10,000.

Schools use the money for books, technology and special projects. Several members of the school board were present, including Gary Anderson, Jay Galbreath and Bobby Hullett, as well as Williamson County School Director Dr. Mike Looney. Several school principals and representatives were also present to receive the checks.

“Thank you so much for the generosity from the city,” Looney said. “We hold very dear the relationship we have, and provide the best facilities we possibly can. It’s true that it takes a village to raise a child, and you are certainly part of that village.”

A few football players and cheerleaders from the Brentwood Blaze organization were present to receive checks as well, and all of the recreation service providers who received checks provide services to residents that the city would otherwise be expected to provide.

Samantha Hearn reports for Home Page Media Group. She can be reached via email at or on Twitter @samanthahearn.

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