New subdivision plan approved by Brentwood Planning Commission

New subdivision plan approved by Brentwood Planning Commission

PHOTO: A vicinity map showing the location of the proposed Brentwood Farms subdivision. The circumscribed wooded area in yellow to the southeast is the site of the under-construction Stonecrest subdivision. Planning & Codes Director Jeff Dobson said he recently spoke with a potential developer for the property in between.


A preliminary plan for construction of a new subdivision at the end of Red Oak Drive gained the approval of Brentwood’s Planning Commission at its Monday night meeting.

The Brentwood Farms subdivision will have 13 lots on 16.52 acres.

Brentwood Farms will be built in a wooded area north of the Southern Woods subdivision. Another new subdivision, Stonecrest, will have 29 lots on 36 acres. It is currently under construction to the southeast of Brentwood Farms’s planned location.

In between the two is a large expanse of land. Planning & Codes Department Director Jeff Dobson said he recently spoke with a potential developer for that property.

The lots in Brentwood Farms are all transitional lots, meaning they have slopes that are 15 percent or greater. The agenda item for the plan included some special rules that must be followed with transitional lots: “No residence shall be built on a transitional lot without a detailed site plan prepared by a professional engineer or landscape architect licensed by the State of Tennessee. Engineering staff reviews all transitional lot plans.”

At one point, the discussion turned to trees. Part of the city’s landscaping code requires that residential lots have 25 caliper inches of trees per acre. A caliper inch is the measurement of a tree’s diameter.

Planning Commissioner Jack Fletcher wondered if that was enough. He noted that in some cases a single mature tree could easily meet the 25-inch requirement.

Dobson answered that the city might review the issue next year.

“As part of our non-routine work plan next year, we are going to be looking in to revision of the landscaping code, and since that’s part of the zoning ordinance it will come to you for approval,” he said to the planning commissioners.

Steve Cates of CK Development, the company developing Brentwood Farms, assured commissioners that he understood the value of not clear-cutting sites of trees.

“I have found in my career that trees are a wonderful thing,” he said. CK Development previously worked on developing the Highlands of Belle Rive subdivision. “We worked very hard to work with trees, and I think it’s made for a great neighborhood.”

The new subdivision came up at the meeting after previous agenda items that dealt with overcrowding at Williamson County Schools. Commissioners had considered a site plan for a new elementary school, a new parking lot behind Brentwood High School and additional portables at Brentwood Middle School.

Planning Commissioner John Church wondered if the clear congestion issues at local schools should have an effect on the way the city views new development projects.

“The staff has done all of its review, and yes this does meet all the requirements of the zoning, I understand that,” he said. “I know this is going to pass, but 20 minutes ago we were talking about overcrowding our schools, and while this [subdivision] may push toward Nolensville High School, it still pushes kids to our other schools and we’re not below capacity in any of them. I would hope that the [City Commission] would take that under consideration.”

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