Brentwood fixing pipe in library bathrooms after they leaked sewage

Brentwood fixing pipe in library bathrooms after they leaked sewage


Brentwood is fixing a plumbing problem in two bathrooms at the John P. Holt Library Brentwood Library after discovering that they had leaked sewage for years.

A contractor mistakenly connected the bathrooms to the storm drainage system rather than the sewer system during construction of the bathrooms in 2009. The storm drain emptied into a ditch at the back of the library, which eventually led to a creek.

Water Services Director Chris Milton said there was no threat to public health. Any sewage from the bathroom would have been heavily diluted by all the storm water that normally moves through the drain.

He said his department had inspected the area and didn’t see any problems. The area where the storm drain ends is near a public path, and he pointed out that the amount of sewage was small enough that no one reported any problems or suspicious smells. The drain emptied near the northwest corner of the parking lot.

The city has already started work to fix the problem, and it should be done within a few weeks. Construction crews will be working inside the library during that time. The city’s water department discovered the problem, but it was an outside contractor that connected the wrong pipes. 

The library closed the bathrooms on April 27 after staff from Water Services discovered the problem during routine work.

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