Brentwood food truck that sells donuts opening shop in East Nashville this winter

Brentwood food truck that sells donuts opening shop in East Nashville this winter


A Brentwood food truck that sells mini doughnuts plans to open a physical location in East Nashville this winter.

Donut Distillery began as a food truck in Brentwood about a year and half ago. Owner Shauna McCoy, started the business because she wanted to do something that made people happy.

“Doughnuts are fun. People are always smiling when they eat doughnuts,” she said. “That was our goal, figure out something that can make people happy.”

McCoy and her family have sold doughnuts at events all over Williamson County out of a small blue trailer. The trailer has visited Crockett Park, schools and churches. In June, she served donuts at the Country Music Association Festival.

The new location will be on Gallatin Avenue near Five Points in East Nashville. McCoy expects the new location to open in December.

She likes the location because of the youthful neighborhood and the drive through lane.

McCoy moved to Brentwood with her family five years ago. She worked in sales and marketing for more than 20 years, but wanted to start something of her own.

She settled on mini doughnuts because they’re simply hard to resist.   

“They’re fun and easy to eat,” she said. “You can say no to something big. Something little? I can eat that.”

She said customers were often asking how they could find the doughnuts on a regular basis. With a physical location she can provide more consistency. Additionally, she’ll be able to offer more varieties of doughnuts.

“Having a shop will let us expand our varieties of doughnuts and coffees,” she said. “It’s hard to do that on a small truck.”

On the truck she usually offers three flavors of doughnuts. In the shop she can potentially offer hundreds. Additionally, she’s hoping to serve craft beer and wine at the new doughnuts shop.

The food truck has always been a family business, but McCoy will have to hire some new employees for the shop. She plans to keep the trailer for now.

McCoy said her favorite doughnut is the maple bacon, but in summer she prefers the strawberry lemon donut. Her chocolate loving husband likes the chocolate doughnut with Reese’s candy. True to its name, the Donut Distillery also offer a doughnut with a whisky glaze.

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