Brentwood health care company changes name to reflect mission to help patients stick with medications

Brentwood health care company changes name to reflect mission to help patients stick with medications

Jason Rose is the CEO of AdhereHealth, which recently changed its name from PharmMD. / Photo courtesy of AdhereHealth


A Brentwood health care company has a new name that reflects its goal to help people stick with needed prescription medications.

AdhereHealth announced its name change last week. The company started out as PharmMD in 2006.

“We are a tech company at heart,” AdhereHealth CEO Jason Rose said. “When you think about the name PharmMD you don’t know exactly what that means. We thought our name should tell you in two seconds they focus on adherence in health.”

Former HCA CEO Clayton McWhorter started the company to reduce medication complications after his brother Fred died from a mistake with his medication.

Rose said AdhereHealth is trying to solve a $300 billion problem. According to the company, that’s how much patients spend each year on unnecessary medical costs caused by problems adhering to prescription medications.

The company works with insurers and large hospitals to identify patients who might need help sticking with prescribed medication. Those might be patients taking lots of drugs on a complicated schedule, or poor patients who are more focused on getting food on the table than taking a pill.

“When we’re on the phone with the consumer, we’re not asking why they’re not taking their medication,” Rose said. “What we’re actually doing is saying, ‘Do you have food in your refrigerator? Do you have access to your doctor? Do you have funds to pay for your medication?’ We work with the health plan, with the consumer and their doctor to overcome all those social determinants.”

The company uses data to figure out which patients might be struggling with their medication. Then doctors, nurses or pharmacists can reach out to them to help solve the problem.

In December, AdhereHealth acquired a pharmacy so it can deliver medication directly to customers, making it easier for them to keep taking medication. Rose said the company is also working with a major pharmacy to provide medication in daily packaging to make it easier to stick with a schedule.

“With the acquisition of the pharmacy, it made sense to cement that we are really a different company than PharmMD once was,” he said. “We’ve really grown out of the name, and we’re really all about adherence.”

Rose joined the company in March 2018. Last year, AdhereHealth hired hundreds of new employees, and Rose said the plan is to expand even more.

He said the company has outgrown its offices in Maryland Farms and will move to a new location in Cool Springs later this year.

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