Brentwood leaders meet to discuss six-year $154 million improvements plan

Brentwood leaders meet to discuss six-year $154 million improvements plan

PHOTO: Brentwood leaders met Tuesday, April 2 to review the FY 2020-2025 Capital Improvements Program for the City of Brentwood. / Photo by Rachael Long


An outline for the next half decade of improvements in Brentwood began to take form Tuesday night as leaders met to discuss the FY 2020-2025 Capital Improvements Program (CIP).

In it are more than 50 projects and improvements totaling $154 million to be implemented across six years. Its goal is to identify infrastructure and facility/equipment needs of the community to accommodate the fast-paced growth of the Middle Tennessee area.

Over the supper hour, 17 department heads, city staff and City Commissioners combed through 130 pages of proposed budget items for the CIP plan. Line by line, the commissioners reviewed the projects and sought additional guidance from department heads wherever it was needed.

A lengthy and public process awaits the CIP plan before it can be adopted by commissioners. The “living document” is subject to change based on future updates, and only the first year of the proposal is fully committed as part of the FY 2020 budget.

The largest amount of funding is dedicated to transportation, most notably including the widening of Franklin Road South to five lanes from Concord Road to south of Moore’s Lane. Of the six categories covered in the six-year plan, the proposed budget for CIP funds is 43.6 percent of the total funds — more than $67 million.

The general facilities and equipment fund draws almost 29 percent of funds, with a total of $44 million proposed for the construction of new departmental facilities. The largest portion of those funds are proposed for the new Police Headquarters project, which will take an estimated $27 million to fund.

According to a March 25 memorandum from City Manager Kirk Bednar, the police headquarters is “the largest single building construction project in the history of the city.”

The facilities and equipment fund also addresses replacement of facility vehicles and upkeep of the more than 30-year old Municipal Center.

The remaining categories for improvement in descending order of funding amounts are utilities ($32 million proposed), technology ($7.6 million proposed), parks and recreation ($2.6 million proposed) and storm drainage ($470,000 proposed).

Of the total $154 million, Bednar said about $100 million comes from local funds, roughly $29 million comes from intergovernmental funds and about $25 million comes from bonds or note proceeds.

Before it is adopted in June, the CIP plan will be circulated in the community for comments and citizen review. It will also be presented at three formal and public hearings, held during City Commission meetings on the following dates: May 28, June 10 and June 25.

At the last meeting, a resolution to adopt the CIP will be presented to the Board of Commissioners. The annual budget is also scheduled for adoption on June 25, according to the city’s website.

“All these projects, are in theory, able to be funded through the budget as we project it to be today,” Bednar said Tuesday. “Obviously that can change.”

The CIP plan is available to citizens and can be viewed here. For more information on the proposed projects, contact the City of Brentwood at (615) 371-0060.

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