Brentwood Middle School enjoys first day back after summer break

Brentwood Middle School enjoys first day back after summer break

Students in Brentwood went back to school on Friday, and at Brentwood Middle School the first day back after summer break was a successful one.

Brentwood Middle School Principal Dr. Brandon Barkley took over the position after Bill Harlin left to be principal of Nolensville High School, and said they like to keep their first days back simple.

He said the priority is getting students oriented to their classes and teachers before planning any big events like pep rallies.

“We think it’s great just to let the kids get to know one another, their teachers, get their schedules in order and feel at home,” Barkley said. “A lot of kids are nervous and anxious on their first day of school, and we want to let them get a feel for the school and enjoy it. Our philosophy is to keep it simple.”

Barkley also said some exciting things are on the horizon this year at Brentwood Middle School, with new improvements being done to the gymnasium.

“We just had the gym floor redesigned and resurfaced,” he said. “We’ll open it next week for volleyball, wrestling, basketball, cheerleading, and we really use it for a lot of other purposes like as an auditorium for performances and things like that. It will be nice to have it refurbished.”

Barkley said the main goal at Brentwood Middle School is always about the student.

“We want every kid here to have a solid foundation to build the rest of their life upon,” he said. “These are three really pivotal years of a kid’s life, and it’s very important for them to have a good foundation. We care about testing, but most importantly we just want to make sure the needs of each individual are met, including academically, emotionally, socially. We want to meet all of those needs so that they can go anywhere in this world and be successful.”

Brentwood Middle School is located at 5324 Murray Lane.

Samantha Hearn reports for Home Page Media Group. She can be reached via email at or on Twitter @samanthahearn. 

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