Brentwood Parks Board approves 2020 lacrosse play day

Brentwood Parks Board approves 2020 lacrosse play day


The Brentwood Parks Board met briefly on Monday evening where they approved a lacrosse tournament for early 2020.

The board unanimously approved a request for the Woodland Girls Lacrosse Club Middle Play Day which is scheduled for Feb. 29, 2020 at Crockett Park.

The event is expected to see more than 20 middle school teams compete in games across fields 1, 2 and 3 as well as the addition of two food trucks.

Lisa Barlow attended the meeting and represented the request where she said that last year’s event saw 21 teams participate. 

The board also welcomed new member David Spann who has been involved in the “Ride for Reading” program.

Finally the board discussed the city’s final 50th anniversary celebration Rendezvous at Ravenswood which will take place on Thursday and the board’s future birthday gift to the city.

The board is still discussing possible options and price range for a birthday gift and no formal proposals have been made.

The Parks board will meet again on Nov. 4. 

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