Brentwood Police stepping up efforts to stop shoplifting before Christmas

Brentwood Police stepping up efforts to stop shoplifting before Christmas


The Brentwood Police Department is stepping up its efforts to stop shoplifting in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The department arrested 10 people for shoplifting over the course of three days last week. Many of those arrests happened at the TJ Maxx store on Franklin Road. Police frequently report shoplifting from that store in weekly crime reports.

“(The Brentwood Police Department) has been making an effort to reduce shoplifting incidents citywide over the holiday period that began over Thanksgiving weekend,” Assistant Police Chief Tommy Walsh wrote in an email. “We have focused some of those efforts at TJ Maxx due to the number of incidents which have occurred there over the past few months.”

Walsh said the store didn’t specifically request more police presence around the store, but the department works closely with the loss prevention department.

Three people were arrested last week on suspicion of stealing cologne and a hat, others were arrested for stealing clothing or a cell phone charger.

In an email, Walsh wrote that police take the value of stolen merchandise into account when arresting someone. The value of the stolen item dictates any charges.

When the value of the item is low, like a phone charger, Walsh said Police can issue a ticket if shoplifting is the only offense and the suspect meets certain criteria. The person suspected of stealing a phone charger was also charged with other offenses after he was stopped for shoplifting.

Police don’t always arrest and charge suspected shoplifters. Police identified someone who allegedly picked up someone else’s wallet from a counter and walked away. That person wasn’t prosecuted.

Walsh wrote in an email that whether or not a suspected shoplifter is prosecuted depends in large part on the victim’s wishes. He said some businesses prosecute more aggressively than others.

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