Brentwood prepares for 50th anniversary and summer concerts

Brentwood prepares for 50th anniversary and summer concerts


Brentwood’s City Commission on Monday established a way to donate to the city’s 50th anniversary celebration and hired a company to produce the audio for the summer concert series in Crockett Park.

At the meeting the commissioners created a new bank account that will fund some of the activities for the city’s 50th anniversary celebration. The account would only be for private donations.

The city is forming a 50th anniversary starring committee to help plan the celebration, and that committee would also be responsible for spending any donations. Any spending will have to follow the city’s purchasing guidelines. 

Brentwood was officially incorporated on April 15, 1969. Celebrations will take place throughout 2019. They could include parades, historical events and concerts.

The city already has several accounts for donations to specific city services. After the flooding in 2010, the city established a fund to help city employees affected by disasters or injuries. It also has accounts for donations to the library, historic sites, parks, environmental programs and the summer concert series.   

At the same meeting, the city also hired a new company to produce the sound at the summer concert series in Crockett Park. The city will pay Innovative Precision Technology a little over $15,000 for the seven concerts, or about $2,200 per event.

This is the first significant increase in the price since 1991 when the city paid $500 per event. Last year, it paid $750 per event.

“It is a bit of a cost increase,” City Manager Kirk Bednar said at an information meeting on Thursday morning. “Not surprising given that we haven’t had anything new in 20 years.”

The company that had previously been producing sound at the concerts decided not to participate this year. The city asked for proposals from several different companies, but they requested $4,000 to $5,000 per event.

The city swore in a new police officer at the meeting on Monday. Officer Cody Woods was born and raised in Middle Tennessee. He started working with the department on April 30. The city also recognized several firefighters for completing a professional development program.

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