Brewery that suppported Tennessee State Parks pays tribute to revival of the chestnut tree

Brewery that suppported Tennessee State Parks pays tribute to revival of the chestnut tree

Nashville’s Tennessee Brew Works, which during the summer released State Parks Blonde Ale with a portion of the proceeds going to support parks, is releasing its King Chestnut beer on Nov. 22 in celebration of the revival of
the American chestnut tree.

chestnutThe brewery will be releasing King Chestnut at their taproom at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 22 and throughout Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama in limited fashion thereafter.

The American chestnut brown ale with 5.6% Alcohol by Volume is made with chestnut chips made by Treeborn, Inc., from roasted, peeled and sliced Michigan chestnuts.

In the early 1900s approximately 98% of the American chestnut trees were destroyed by a devastating blight. Prior to that, the American chestnut was considered the King of the Forest as it was the dominant tree in the Tennessee forest.

In the oak family, the wood looks like oak, but was soft and worked like pine.
It was decay resistant and it was used to build cabins, barns and fences.  As the mountains were settled, the tree became important for railroad ties, utility poles and furniture. When it was cut, the tree replaced itself with dozens of sprouts, some which became trees again.

Tree researchers and plant pathologists have worked for 100 years to bring the chestnut back to the Appalachian Mountains. Research groups including foundations, universities and government agencies have worked together to provide unique opportunities for the return of the tree to its rightful place in the forest.

Battling the chestnut blight, The American Chestnut Foundation has developed chestnut trees ready for testing in the forest.

To celebrate this milestone, Tennessee Brew Works, and Treeborn, Inc., which developed the chestnut chip for the brewing industry, recognize this long-sought milestone by brewing an American chestnut brown ale with a mild, sweet nutty

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