Casada, Rogers get pass on primary: now race begins

Casada, Rogers get pass on primary: now race begins


Although both the Democratic and Republican candidates in the House District 63 were running unopposed in Thursday’s primary, Election Day on Aug. 4 still held significance as it marked the start of the real campaigns against one another.

Democratic challenger Courtenay Rogers is taking on incumbent Republican state Rep. Glen Casada in the race to represent District 63, which includes the eastern portions of Thompson’s Station and Franklin, encompassing all of Nolensville and unincorporated portions of eastern Williamson County.

In the state primary Thursday, Casada received a total of 3,372 votes, about half of which came from early voting. Rogers saw 1,098 individuals turn out to vote for her, with half of her votes coming from early voting as well.

“Honestly today was very exciting for the Williamson County School Board,” Rogers said. “That people were elected who are genuinely going to support our parents and kids for the school board and that really shows me there are people in this community who are ready for folks to step up and do the right thing. And I’m honestly very excited it was almost 1,100 people who showed up for the Democratic primary. We’re in a very conservative area, but there are people who are ready for change. I have knocked on doors and talked to them. And now I’ve got many thousands more doors to knock on. I’m just very excited.”

Casada could not be reached for comment. Rogers and Casada will square off in the state general election, which will be on the ballot in November.

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