City approves resolution for Maryland Farms Greenway Trail project after some debate

City approves resolution for Maryland Farms Greenway Trail project after some debate


By and large the most controversial item at Monday night’s Brentwood City Commission meeting had to do with whether the installation of a new trail would upset neighbors.

As part of its new business, the board of commissioners heard Resolution 2019-06, which would require authorization for easements which would keep the Maryland Farms Greenway Trail Project on its projected schedule.

And while connecting Powell Park and Maryland Way Park with a trail seems harmless, some commissioners were decidedly against the resolution.

Commissioners Mark Gorman and Ken Travis both voted not to approve the resolution. Gorman said he would be voting against the resolution based on a promise he says past city leaders made to the neighbors of the Maryland Farms Greenway, some of whose backyards he said would be interrupted by the installation of the proposed trail.

Some disagreement came from commissioner Rhea Little who said the trail would not, in fact, cut through anyone’s backyard.

Whatever the case may be, the background section of the resolution itself states: “Note that staff has had multiple conversations with the owners of the three tracts where permanent pedestrian access easements are required, and all three are in favor of the project, subject, of course, to formal easement dedication negotiations.”

Commissioners Anne Dunn and Betsy Crossley both spoke in favor of the trail.

Crossley made then made the point that special restrictions were drawn up in 1991. In the 28 years since, she said, the size of the city has changed and accessibility needs are higher than they once were.

She went on to say that the very purpose of a city board of commissioners was to make changes when doing so would be more beneficial for Brentwood residents.

When it came time to decide, Mayor Jill Burgin called for a vote and the motion carried. Only two opposed.

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