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City Commission approves Hill Center Brentwood rezoning

City Commission approves Hill Center Brentwood rezoning


H.G. Hill Realty has received the first nod of approval for its Hill Center Brentwood from the Brentwood City Commission, who unanimously approved the site’s rezoning from C-1 (office only) to C-2 (office and retail).

H.G. Hill Realty has received the first nod of approval for its Hill Center Brentwood from the Brentwood City Commission, who unanimously approved the site’s rezoning from C-1 (office only) to C-2 (office and retail).

“It’s a great night for the city of Brentwood,” Mayor Betsy Crossley said.

The project features 450,000 square feet for office and 120,000 square feet for retail within 17-acres on the corner of Franklin Road and Maryland Way.

It is the largest development in H.G. Hill Realty’s history.

“We take it seriously,” CEO Jimmy Granbery said. “This is a huge project for our company, the city and its citizens.”

There was very little change in the proposal since the City Commission held its first reading on June 9, and the Brentwood Planning Commission’s unanimous recommendation on July 7.

Granbery and his staff presented to commissioners the many benefits of C-2 zoning in terms of buffer zones and services offered,  added road improvements, upgrades to the storm drainage system and the creation of a “sense of place.”

“If it seems like we have no questions, its because we’ve been to a multitude of meetings and this information is not new to us,” Commissioner Anne Dunn said.

H.G. Hill has held numerous public meetings one of which was exclusively with the adjacent Williamsburg subdivision residents to inform residents about the redeveloped Hill Center Brentwood.

Granbery noted an increase to the height of the screening fence and the number of trees for neighbors, as well as added access to the adjacent park as minor changes to the proposal. 

Vice Mayor Jill Burgin called the vote closure to a two year long process for the city’s “very important corner,” referring to H.G. Hill’s original proposal, “Streets of Brentwood,” which received much public opposition. 

There has been virtually no public criticism to the new Hill Center Brentwood project.

“Brentwood is a very upscale community with precious few upscale amenities,” Burgin added, referring to the diverse retail and restaurant options expected to come with the Hill Center’s approval.

With the approved rezoning, Granbery said the actual site plan approval will be a two step process through the Planning Commission.

The first proposal, expected for the Planning Commission’s Sept. 2 meeting, will include specific road locations, entrances to the site, buffer zones and setbacks.

Granbery said the firm’s engineers first need to know the exact layout before drawing up actual architectural designs.

If the first proposal is approved, Granbery said his team will come back to the Planning Commission for its Dec. 2 meeting with a formal and final architectural design.

The following items on New Business were approved unanimously:

  • An ordinance amending the municipal code regarding access and charges for public records. Formerly, the city manager set the price to make copies of public records, and the amendment shifts that authority to be in accordance with the fees established by the Office of Open Records Counsel. Tennessee law says every record in the city is open to inspection, except certain information, such as open police cases. There is no fee for inspection of public records, but there is a charge when a copy is requested. That amount will not change under the new amendment.
  • A resolution authorizing an agreement with Hodgson Douglas, LLC to develop a master plan for the new city park, commonly referred to as Flagpole Park. The land was dedicated to the city as a part of Mallory Park’s Phase 2, and is located between the CSX railroad on the west and I-65 and General MacArthur Drive on the east, and south of Wikle Road West. Read BHP’s full story here.
  • A resolution authorizing an inter-local agreement with Williamson County and Franklin for the creation and empowerment of a joint communications network. The resolution sets up a committee made up of representations from Brentwood, Franklin and the county, who will negotiate design and fees with Motorola, and work toward developing a countywide communications system. Read BHP’s full story here.
  • A resolution authorizing an agreement with Tyler Technologies for police records management and court software. The new system will be cheaper and more efficient for filing law enforcement records, Assist. Police Chief Tommy Walsh said. Read BHP’s full story here here.

The following items on the consent agenda were approved unanimously:

  • A resolution authorizing the city’s participation in the 2014 Tennessee Municipal League Risk Management Pool “Safety Partner” matching grant program. Brentwood’s workers compensation comes from TML, which allows members to request funding to assist in the purchase of items to enhance worker safety. Brentwood seeks to purchase six Escape Artist Lumbar Systems and 10 ladders escape belts for the Brentwood Fire and Rescue Department, which will aid in rapid escape from life threatening situations. The total cost of purchase is $3,710, which will be spilt between the city and TML.
  • An approval of the 2014-2015 fiscal year street resurfacing program. View the full list of streets the city will resurface and repair here.
  • Approval of emergency purchases related to the repair of the traffic signal at Crockett Road and Wilson Pike. Read BHP’s full story here.
  • Approval to purchase eight radar units for the Brentwood Police Department, totaling $14,448 budgeted in the city’s Equipment Replacement Fund.

The Brentwood City Commission meets at the Brentwood Municipal Center, 5211 Maryland Way.

Staff writer Jonathan Romeo covers the city of Brentwood. Contact him at


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