City Commission to adopt yearly budget Tuesday with funding allocations for education, recreation

City Commission to adopt yearly budget Tuesday with funding allocations for education, recreation


Brentwood’s City Commission will hear from the public for the last time before finalizing this year’s proposed budget at Tuesday night’s meeting.

According to government code, the budget must undergo three formal, public hearings before adoption. The first two hearings took place on May 28 and June 10, at which no public comments were voiced.

In its online agenda item, city staff have detailed adjustments made to the budget regarding the allocation of funding for education and recreation program services, as well as adjustments for the city manager’s salary. Before the budget can be adopted, a motion is required to amend the drafted budget to specifically allocate this funding.

Last year’s funding totaled $239,100, according to the city of Brentwood. The amount requested for FY 2020 totals $339,471 and breaks down as follows:

  • Brentwood High School: $160,000
  • Ravenwood High School: $62,500
  • Brentwood Middle School: $15,600
  • Sunset Middle School: $15,400
  • Woodland Middle School: $15,000
  • Crockett Elementary School: $10,000
  • Edmonson Elementary School: $10,000
  • Kenrose Elementary School: $10,000
  • Lipscomb Elementary School: $10,000
  • Scales Elementary School: $10,400
  • Jordan Elementary School: $10,000
  • Sunset Elementary School: $10,571

For FY 2019, the amount of funding allocated to Sunset Elementary School was prorated at $5,100 because its enrollment consisted of less than 50% Brentwood residents, according to the city. The amount of $10,400 is available to the school subject to review and validation of student population residency data in August.

City staff recommends the full amount be appropriated in advance for Sunset Elementary School, which can be adjusted down, if necessary.

On Tuesday, the City Commission will consider the schools’ funding requests for FY 2020, most of which align closely to last year’s figures. However, Brentwood High School’s FY 2020 request of $160,000 more than doubled its allotment from 2019.

The itemized list submitted by the school includes funding for expenditures such as athletic equipment, student laptops, teacher instructional technology, science equipment and more.

Though the city’s budget shows $244,400 in available funds, the requested amount from all schools totals more than $339,000.

Allocation of funding for city recreation programs will also be considered by commissioners Tuesday, with available funds in the amount of $102,000. The requested amount for FY 2020 totals $108,000.

The breakdown of the requested funds is as follows:

  • FiftyForward Martin Center: $55,000
  • Brentwood Ball Club: $20,000
  • Brentwood Blaze Youth Football: $18,000
  • Brentwood YMCA: $15,000

Additionally, there has been some discussion about providing funding for the Mid Cumberland Human Resources Agency (MCHRA) in recognition of the services provided to Brentwood residents, according to the city. If approved Tuesday, the City Commission must decide whether said funding will be added to the proposed budget or if existing funding within the proposed budget will be reallocated to MCHRA instead.

The Transient Alliance of Middle Tennessee has also requested $250 in funds from the city.

Brentwood leaders will also consider an adjustment to the City Manager’s salary based on a 1.5% market adjustment and a 3% merit adjustment, totaling 4.5%.

The City Commission meeting will begin at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25 at Brentwood City Hall. The public hearings will take place at the start of the meeting, which can be viewed online here on the following day.

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