City to consider Greenway Trail Project, demolition of Governor’s Club fire remains, more Monday

City to consider Greenway Trail Project, demolition of Governor’s Club fire remains, more Monday


The Brentwood Board of Commissioners will have plenty of business to discuss at Monday night’s meeting. Here’s a look at some of the noteworthy items on the July 8 agenda. The complete agenda can be found on the city’s website here

Maryland Farms Greenway Trail project

As part of the regular agenda, commissioners will hear a resolution authorizing an agreement with Sessions Paving for a contract award in the amount of $918,833.75 to construction of the Maryland Farms Greenway Trail. The multi-use trail will connect Powell Park and Maryland Way Park via the city-owned Maryland Farms Greenway.

While the connection will eventually be constructed though Maryland Way Park, the agreement with Sessions Paving is strictly for the first phase of a two-part project, which will immediately extend a trail from Powell Park to the rear of Maryland Farms YMCA. 

Breaking the project into two phases allows the project to stay within the city’s allotted budget of $1 million. Funds for this project are allocated within the FY 2020 Capital Projects fund. 

The project comes as one of the recommendations included within the final report from the city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee. 

Demolition of 7 Medalist Court

After an August 2018 house fire destroyed a home in the Governor’s Club subdivision, the city of Brentwood ordered its structural remains be demolished.

According to the city, efforts have been made to contact the responsible property owner, Stacey Stevens, about erecting a fence around the ruins for security reasons. These efforts have been unsuccessful.

In June, the Board of Commissioners approved a contract with Contractor Services Unlimited for the demolition. Since then, the city was notified that the insurance company for Contractor Services Unlimited would be unable to issue the required performance bond for the project. As such, the city has recommended the City Commission approve a resolution to terminate the agreement.

Upon approval of the termination of the original contract, city staff will recommend commissioners approve an agreement with the second lowest bidder for the demolition, Mac Constructors, LLC. at a bid in the amount of $101,960.00. 

Should the City Commission approve this bid, city staff will attempt to recover all associated expenses of the demolition by billing the property owners and placing a lien on the subject property.

Recovery of costs is not guaranteed. The city has acknowledged, however, that leaving the burnt remains of the property and attempting to force the owners to act is unrealistic and  unacceptable for surrounding property owners. 

14 new police vehicles

As part of the consent agenda — which typically passes in one motion — City Commissioners will hear a request by the Brentwood Police Department authorizing the purchase of 14 vehicles for various police functions.

Ten of the requested vehicles are replacements, according to the city staff report, and four are new additions to the fleet due to positions added in FY 2019 and 2020. Funding for the latter was provided by a FY 2019 year-end transfer of excess revenues from the General Fund to the Equipment Replacement Fund. 

The staff report goes on to explain that twelve of the vehicles will be assigned to patrol division, one of which will be a fully equipped and marked SUV. The other would be fully equipped and marked sedans. 

The other two vehicles will be unmarked and equipped and would be assigned to Police Administration and Criminal Investigations, according to the city.

The total cost for the vehicles is $361,507. The purchase of these vehicles is in accordance with the FY 2020 Equipment Replacement Fund’s vehicle replacement schedule.

Representation at the state level

Also to be considered Monday night is a resolution for a contract with a public policy engagement firm to represent the city of Brentwood’s interests in legislation at the state level. The benefit of such representation at the General Assembly is that the city is provided with access to legislators and their insights, according to background information provided by the city. The fiscal cost to the city is $36,000 which will come from the General Fund. 

These items will be discussed during the next City Commission meeting on Monday, July 8 at 7 p.m. at Brentwood City Hall. 

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