Costco celebrates 20 years in Brentwood

Costco celebrates 20 years in Brentwood



Costco celebrated 20 years in Brentwood on Tuesday with a ribbon cutting (and cake cutting) as the store opened.

A crowd of about 100 Costco employees, community members and government leaders, firefighters and members of the chamber of commerce joined in the celebration.

“For the next 20 [years,] the chamber and this community wish you the very, very best,” Williamson Inc. Senior VP, Community Relations, Nancy Conway said.

Costco General Manager Glenn McChesney started with Costco 20 years ago himself but began managing the Brentwood location last year.

“It just shows how Costco and the community work so well together and to city all the city mayors and commissioners and the chamber out here, this shows you how tight-knit a group this is,” McChesney said. “It’s kind of cool to see that there are eight people that are here from the beginning that are still here and to see how they have grown over these 20 yeas, that means more to me than my own.”

Costco is located at 98 Seaboard Lane.


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