CRIME REPORT: Burglar follows woman home late at night, steals her purse

CRIME REPORT: Burglar follows woman home late at night, steals her purse

A Brentwood woman who took a late-night Uber ride from downtown Nashville was the victim of a burglary this past week, according to the latest crime analysis from the Brentwood Police Department.

Assistant Police Chief Thomas Walsh said the woman reported that a man approached her while she was waiting for her Uber driver downtown.

Shortly after she arrived at her home on the 1000 block of Steeplechase Drive around 3:40 a.m. Sunday morning, she said she saw the same man at her back door.

The man came into the woman’s house and took her purse, which the victim had left in the kitchen. He then fled in an unknown vehicle.

Walsh said that police believe the man followed the woman’s Uber car home, waited for the driver to leave and then entered her house.

The victim was not injured in the burglary.

The police report describes the suspect as a male between 25 and 35 years old with short dark hair and facial hair.

This past week also saw several car-related thefts.

Late Monday morning, May 15, money was stolen from a car at Andrews Cadillac. The front drivers side window was broken. There are no suspects in this theft.

Tuesday morning, May 16, a purse was stolen from an unlocked car on the 1300 block of Holly Tree Road. There are no suspects related to this crime.

Another theft occurred at Owl Creek Park on Concord Road on the afternoon of May 16. In that case, a drivers license was stolen from an unlocked car. Police have no suspects for this crime. Owl Creek Park was also the site of a car-related theft on May 7, which was included in the last crime report.

The last theft involving a car took place on Wednesday morning, May 17. A car on Executive Center Drive in the City Park development had its front passenger side window smashed and money stolen out of it. There are no suspects listed on the crime report in relation to this crime.

There were two cases of vandalism on this most recent report.

In one instance, someone is suspect of putting several dents into the side of a woman’s car on the 100 block of High Lea Road. This is reported to have occurred on the night of Thursday, May 11. The victim’s boyfriend is listed as as suspect.

In another case,  a person or people damaged the inside of a home listed for sale on the 200 block of Jones Parkway. This occurred between the afternoon of Monday, May 15 and the morning of Tuesday, May 16. There was no forced entry to the home. There are no suspects listed for this crime.

Finally, a shopper at TJ Maxx was the victim of a theft on Monday evening, May 15 when someone stole her wallet from her purse while she shopped. Police have no suspects for this crime.


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