CRIME REPORT: Christmas is spoiled for suspected holiday shoplifters

CRIME REPORT: Christmas is spoiled for suspected holiday shoplifters


Christmas was spoiled for almost a dozen suspected holiday shoplifters.

The Brentwood Police Department arrested 11 people suspected of shoplifting between November 19 and 28.

Police arrested an employee they suspect stole jewelry, clothing and make-up from a department store on Franklin Road. Police arrested seven other people suspected of stealing from the same store this week.

The list of stolen property is long. In its weekly crime analysis the Brentwood Police Department that believes the suspects stole jewelry, clothing, make-up, assorted tools, fishing equipment, a wallet, a cell phone, cologne, a hat, Christmas ornaments and a cell phone charger.

The person suspected of stealing a cell phone charger from a gas station on Franklin Road was arrested on Tuesday.

In addition to the suspected shoplifting, the Police Department reported a residential burglary, six thefts from motor vehicles and a bank robbery.

Someone took a TV from a home in Brentwood Country Club. Someone took a handgun from an unlocked car in another subdivision.

On Thursday, police reported that someone robbed a bank on Franklin Road. Police say the suspect placed a bag on the counter, demanded currency and then fled on foot. The suspect didn’t display a weapon.

There were no business burglaries, car thefts or vandalism.

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