CRIME REPORT: Online scammer strikes, two cars broken into

CRIME REPORT: Online scammer strikes, two cars broken into

A Brentwood resident fell victim to an online scam and more cars were broken into last week, according to the latest crime report provided by the Brentwood Police Department. A few other thefts round out the report.

Brentwood Police Department Assistant Chief has a simple rule when it comes to identifying scams: If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

That was the case with a recent scam on Facebook. A local resident was promised a large return if he agreed to send money via Western Union to an out of state account. Once the victim sent funds, the Facebook account promising the big return was deleted and the victim had no way to contact the scammer.

Walsh said that scams have become increasingly common in the Brentwood area over the past several years.

“We always recommend that residents contact us if they have any questions before sending money via Western Union, Green Dot or any other vendor where a victim can send funds electronically,” Walsh said. “This has been the primary means of conducting these scams. This will hopefully prevent many of these from happening.”

The police have no suspects in relation to this scam.

In car-related news, a vehicle on the 1600 block of Mallory Lane was broken into on Saturday, January 20. The perpetrator broke a window to gain access, but nothing was stolen. There are no suspects in connection to this crime.

The other car break-in on this report occurred on Thursday afternoon, January 25 on the 900 block of Heritage Way, near Tower Park and the Williamson County Indoor Sports Complex. A purse was stolen from a car after the car’s window was broken. Police have no suspects in this case.

Two other thefts on this report resulted in pending charges against suspects.

The first case involves employee theft at the Nike Factory Outlet on Galleria Boulevard. A suspect is believed to have stolen shoes from the store.

The other theft occurred at Brentwood’s Costco store on Wednesday, January 24. The target was an electric toothbrush. As mentioned previously, a suspect has been identified and charges are pending.

Finally, the crime report included one case of vandalism. An exterior light at the Williamson County Indoor Arena at Crockett Park was broken. There are no suspects.

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