CRIME REPORT: Only four crimes reported last week; police hoping to buy 3-D scanner

CRIME REPORT: Only four crimes reported last week; police hoping to buy 3-D scanner

The Brentwood Police Department is hoping to purchase a 3-D scanner that could recreate car crashes or crime scenes later. // Photo courtesy of the City of Brentwood


The Brentwood Police Department only reported four crimes in its crime analysis for the last week.

Someone stole a handgun from a car at a car wash on Wilson Pike Circle on Tuesday. Police didn’t identify any suspects. Someone else also reported credit cards taken from their car on Monday.

Police report that a mailbox on Sunset Road was “bent and damaged by unknown means.”

At an informational meeting Thursday morning, Assistant Police Chief Tommy Walsh told the City Commission about a 3-D scanner that the police department wants to purchase.

The scanner can create a 3-D image of car crashes or crime scenes by measuring distances with a laser and taking photographs. A computer uses that data to recreate the scene later. I t has a range of about 150 feet. 

“When I started in law enforcement 100 years ago when there was a traffic crash or something we had to investigate … the officers would go to the scene and break out the measuring tape,” Walsh said. “Obviously, a lot’s changed in 100 years.”

The Brentwood Police Department currently measures the location of vehicles at crashes by hand. The 3-D scanner would be much faster than measuring tapes and could help the Police Department get roads open faster after an accident.

Measuring by hand also requires at least two officers, while using the 3-D scanner would only require one. That would free up an officer to talk to people involved in a crash or a crime.

Walsh said the images created by the device could even be used in court. He showed a video that showed how the device could create detailed images of indoor and outdoor scenes.

The device would cost about $84,000. The City Commission will vote on whether or not to purchase the device at its meeting on Monday.

The purchase of the 3-D scanner is on the consent agenda, which is a group of actions that the City Commission typically approves all at once at the beginning of the meeting.

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