CRIME REPORT: Police continue to see shoplifting trend at Franklin Road TJ Maxx

CRIME REPORT: Police continue to see shoplifting trend at Franklin Road TJ Maxx


As has been the case for several weeks, the Brentwood TJ Maxx store on Franklin Road once again saw multiple incidents of shoplifting this week.

Of the eight total crimes listed in the Brentwood Police Department’s crime log, five of those crimes occurred at TJ Maxx.

Brentwood Assistant Chief of Police Tommy Walsh said the department has seen a trend of theft at the department store over the last year. While he said they don’t know the underlying reason for the trend, Walsh said the store has a loss prevention team working on a regular basis. That team, he said, has been successful in helping to identify suspects who are shoplifting.

“We know that many retailers do not report shoplifting,” Thomas said Friday. “Periodically, we will recover stolen property from other retailers when we make an arrest.”

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Items targeted in the most recent shoplifting incidents include perfume, jewelry, clothing, shoes, a phone case, a hat, lipstick, desk items and someone’s wallet and key fob.

In two of these cases, police have arrested a suspect. For the shoplifting incident on Friday, May 3 just after noon, police describe the suspect as a thin, white male wearing a black shirt and jeans and left in a brown Chevrolet sedan.

For the shoplifting incident which took place Saturday, May 4, police describe the suspects as two black males and one black female who left in an unknown vehicle.

Police have no suspects in regard to the person who stole the wallet and key fob, which were taken from the front counter.

Three other instances of theft were reported at Fresh Market on Franklin Road, Old Navy on Galleria Boulevard and Home Depot on Moores Lane. Items stolen include grocery items, children’s clothing and a table saw, respectively.

Police arrested the suspect who reportedly stole from Old Navy. For the incident at Fresh Market on the afternoon of Friday, May 3, police describe the suspect as white female in her 30s, wearing a floral shirt and accompanied by a child. The suspect reportedly left in a red Ford Mustang.

In regard to the Home Depot incident on the afternoon of Saturday, May 4, police describe the suspect as an unknown male who left in a Pontiac sedan.  

There were no reports of residential or business burglary, motor vehicle theft, theft from a motor vehicle, vandalism or robbery this week.

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