CRIME REPORT: Suspected car burglars arrested, but others flee

CRIME REPORT: Suspected car burglars arrested, but others flee


The Brentwood Police Department arrested several people suspected of breaking into cars at the Brentwood YMCA and stealing purses.

A separate group suspected of stealing from cars in Brentwood several days later fled in a stolen car and got away.   

In its weekly crime analysis, the department reported 11 cases of theft from motor vehicles between November 9 and November 13.

Most of the thefts happened in public parking lots at parks or gyms. The suspected thieves broke into all the cars by smashing windows. 

At about 3 p.m. on November 13, police suspect that a group broke into two vehicles at a house in a subdivision west of Granny White Pike. Police recovered a stolen vehicle from Lebanon at the scene.

At about the same time, a car was stolen from another house nearby. The driver of the stolen car fled from police. The department believes the stolen car is connected to the nearby car burglaries.

Earlier this month, the City Commission approved the purchase of several license plate readers for city parks. The cameras will capture the license plate of every car going into several city parks.

Police hope the new system will help them reduce the number of thefts from cars in Brentwood. 

During the past week the department didn’t report any business burglaries, residential burglaries or robberies.

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