CRIME REPORT: Thieves continue to find easy pickings in unlocked cars

CRIME REPORT: Thieves continue to find easy pickings in unlocked cars


Between June 7 and June 12 the Brentwood Police Department’s weekly crime analysis showed that suspects broke into 14 cars in Brentwood.

Many of the thefts happened in the Brenthaven subdivision. 

Only three cars were locked. One unlocked car — with the keys still inside — was stolen.

Residents lost two handguns, two iPhones, a laptop, a chainsaw as well as a number of wallets and purses. The stolen vehicle was recovered abandoned in a nearby subdivision. The only other item recovered was a tote bag.

Police didn’t list any suspects for most of the thefts. A camera at a shopping center caught one man taking a phone from a car, but police couldn’t identify him.

“We want our residents to be aware that these are easily prevented by ensuring their valuables are not left in the vehicles and doors are locked,” Assistant Chief of Police Tommy Walsh wrote in an email. “Even more concerning is the fact that there were handguns taken in a couple of these which have now been put in the hands of someone who could use them to commit other, more serious crimes.”

This weekly crime map from the Nashville Police South Precinct shows a rash of car burglaries (the brown icons) in areas adjacent to Brentwood last week. // METRO NASHVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT

June has already seen a high number of thefts from cars in Brentwood. Between June 1 and June 5 there were 11 car burglaries. None of those cars were locked. In that time period suspects took a handgun, a laptop, phones and wallets.

Thefts from unlocked cars have been a huge problem in adjoining communities as well, with repeated incidents in south Davidson County and gangs who drive into neighborhoods and fan out to check door handles reported in both Franklin and Spring Hill.

On June 8, someone walked through an unlocked garage door and stole three flat screen TVs, electronics and some other items from a home in Brenthaven.

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