CRIME REPORT: Two arrested in connection with Brentwood homicide

CRIME REPORT: Two arrested in connection with Brentwood homicide


Police in Phoenix, Arizona arrested two people on Thursday afternoon that were connected with a Brentwood homicide.

The Brentwood Police Department investigation established probable cause to believe that Lyndsey Bronston and Dustin Russell shot and killed Clark Cable at a Brentwood home on December 3.

Police responded to a 911 call on December 3 about the shooting, but didn’t locate the shooter immediately. They issued a warrant for Bronston and Russell’s arrest earlier this week.

The suspects will now be transported back to Tennessee and charged for the crime.

The department also reported several less serious crimes in its weekly crime analysis.

A graffiti artist or artists tried to beautify two bathrooms near Tower Park on Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, they carried out this art project without the city’s permission and the Police Department listed it as vandalism.

Brentwood Police also reported that one parishioner at Holy Family Catholic Church did not quite understand how tithing works.

On Sunday afternoon, someone took money from a cash box in the church’s main lobby. Police didn’t arrest a suspect.

Police reported that someone took a refrigerator and microwave from the Crye Leike Realtors on Maryland way last weekend. Strangely, after taking the appliances out of the kitchen the suspect or suspects left them at the exit.

There were three incidents of suspects shoplifting. Police say they suspect someone of stealing “multiple DVDs” from Cracker Barrel on Mallory Lane.

Police also suspect that someone stole some electronics from Electronics Express on Mallory Lane and some camping equipment from REI on Franklin Road. The person suspected of stealing from REI was arrested.

There were no business burglaries, residential burglaries, car thefts or robberies reported.

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