CRIME REPORT: Two shootings, two robberies in three days in Brentwood

CRIME REPORT: Two shootings, two robberies in three days in Brentwood


There were two shootings in three days in Brentwood this week.

Two people died during an altercation between a husband and wife at the Governor’s club. One other family member was stabbed and remains in the hospital.

Just a few days earlier, a cashier at a Mapco gas station on Franklin Road was shot in the torso during a robbery. The cashier was later released from the hospital.

On Tuesday afternoon, police responded to a 911 call from the Governor’s Club. Police report that Jerry Matthews, 55, stabbed his wife 39-year-old wife Emma Teeters multiple times during an altercation.

The Brentwood Police Department believes that Emma’s 78-year-old father. Terry Teeters came to her aid. Matthews allegedly stabbed Terry Teeters, who then reportedly shot Matthews. Matthews was declared dead at the scene from gunshot wounds.

Emma Teeters and Terry Teeters were transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Emma Teeters died at the hospital and Terry Teeters needed surgery to treat the stab wounds.

A second robbery occurred on Monday afternoon. Police suspect that a man threatened a teller at a bank on Harpeth Drive, demanded cash and then fled on foot. The suspect didn’t display a weapon during the robbery.

Police also reported five thefts from vehicles at a the YMCA on Maryland Way and the Brentwood Skate Center.

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