CRIME REPORT: Vandalism, theft make up few crimes seen in Brentwood this week

CRIME REPORT: Vandalism, theft make up few crimes seen in Brentwood this week


In its regular crime analysis, the Brentwood Police Department only had a handful of crimes to report this week. 

Two incidents of vandalism were reported this week when someone spray painted a Utility Box with graffiti at the Guy Brown, LLC office at 7111 Commerce Way on Wednesday evening. Police have no suspects. 

The second vandalism took place Sunday afternoon on Williamsburg Road when a vehicle window was broken. Police have no suspects at this time, but say there was no attempted entry into the vehicle. 

The Best Buy on Galleria Boulevard saw two incidents of shoplifting last weekend when multiple electronics items and a computer were stolen. The incident on Friday evening led to the arrest of three suspects, but police say the suspect for Saturday afternoon’s computer theft is an unknown black male. 

Money was stolen from the Walgreens store on Franklin Road Saturday evening when police say the suspects tricked a cashier into placing funds on a debit card. Police say the suspects are a black male wearing a multicolored shirt and glasses and a black female wearing dark clothing.

A second theft took place at the same Walgreens store Monday evening when cleaning and cosmetic items were stolen. Police say two suspects were arrested for the shoplifting. 

A trailer was stolen from a residence on Devens Drive Tuesday after police say it was taken from the driveway. Police have no suspects at this time. 

There were no reports of business or residential burglary, motor vehicle theft, theft from a motor vehicle or robbery this week.

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