WHAT’S UP WITH THAT: Facebook Live series for February 12-18

WHAT’S UP WITH THAT: Facebook Live series for February 12-18
What’s up, Brentwood?

Brentwood Home Page has a segment where local reporter, Landon Woodroof, discusses the last week’s headlines and upcoming news via Facebook Live.

We hope to hear from you while we are online. We encourage you to ask questions about the issues we are discussing and let us know what you want us to investigate.

If you can’t tune in while we are live, be sure to check it out later on our Facebook page. With the weekly Facebook Live, Home Page Media Group is aiming to give you the news in an interesting and accessible new format.

As a preview, this is a roundup of headlines you will hear about.


  • Tax Referendum: Williamson County voters approved a half-cent increase in the local option sales tax to help with public school construction projects.
  • Construction work: We checked in on what is going on at the corner of Franklin Road and Town Center Way.
  • Traffic on Murray Lane: City staff gave an update on Scales Elementary School-related traffic. The city installed traffic delineators on Murray Lane a couple of weeks ago to help ease safety concerns for residents of the Waterford subdivision.
  • Chopt: Brentwood’s newest restaurant, Chopt, opened last week. We attended a sneak preview of the restaurant before the opening.
  • Franklin Road construction: The Tennessee Department of Transportation announced a major change for Franklin Road last week connected to the ongoing widening project. All turning lanes between West Concord Road and Willowick Drive will be closed for a year.


  • City Commission: Monday night City Commissioners will consider amendments to the city’s policy regarding customer reimbursements for water leaks. The commission will also vote on a contract related to a new traffic signal at the corner of Ragsdale Road and Split Log Road.
  • Former Brentwood resident looks to the skies: A man who grew up in Brentwood is now at the forefront of space technology. Look out for his story this week.
  • New business: We will bring you a story about a new kid-centered business that recently opened in Brentwood.

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