Fire Department to get new CAD system with human voice technology

Fire Department to get new CAD system with human voice technology


The Brentwood Fire & Rescue Department will soon have a new computer-aided dispatch system with a human voice alert feature if the City Commission passes a resolution for its purchase on Monday night.

The department’s computer-aided dispatch system is over 13 years old. During the CAD purchase approval process, another important component of the system that was discussed is fire station alerting that is interfaced with CAD to automatically notify fire stations using automated voice alerting with simultaneous dispatching capabilities.

The fire station alerting system includes hardware and software to control fire station lighting, automated control of fire station ovens and stove tops and sound systems. The automated voice dispatching feature will automatically communicate information about the incident over the radio system to the responding units.

The City of Franklin is also currently deploying the same solution for its fire stations, and Brentwood will be able to utilize some of the common elements to save on the purchase of the voice database used during the dispatch process. Because both Franklin and Brentwood would be using Locution, once the installation of the alerting system is complete many of these features will be used when incidents are mutually dispatched for automatic aid locations.

Locution Systems, Inc. was formally incorporated in 1993 and has developed one of the most modular, flexible and powerful fire station alerting systems on the market today. It currently serves more than 34 million people in the U.S. and Canada.

Based in Golden, Colorado, it’s currently the only fire station alerting manufacturer, distributor, retailer and provider of the Complete Human Voice speech automated dispatching system. Complete Human Voice speech provides high-understandability speech that’s required for public safety dispatching.

The way the system works is when the emergency communications center receives an emergency call, a call taker or dispatcher enters the information into the department’s CAD system, which then recommends the best units to respond.

The dispatcher reviews and commits these units, and then the CAD system send the information to the Locution computer server in the emergency communications center. The system then takes over and automatically routes the dispatch information to the responding stations and/or units.

Cost for the fire station alerting system from Locution Systems, Inc. is $163,470, which is within the budgeted amount of $180,000. Annual maintenance costs will be $13,890.

The City Commission will vote on a resolution to purchase the system on Monday, Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. at Brentwood City Hall, located at 5211 Maryland Way.

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