First responders honor fallen Tennessee police officers Friday morning on I-65

First responders honor fallen Tennessee police officers Friday morning on I-65

By RACHAEL LONG / Photo submitted by Nelson Andrews

Brentwood officers joined members of the Brentwood Fire and Rescue team, and other officers in the area this morning to show their support for fallen Tennessee police officers.

According to Assistant Chief of Brentwood Police Tommy Walsh, family members of the officers along with members of the state Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) held a ceremony Friday morning in Nashville to honor the service of those fallen officers.

One of those honored today was Metro Nashville Police Officer Michael Petrina, who was killed on duty five years ago today, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department Facebook post. Petrina was fatally struck by a motorist on I-65 when the driver failed to move over.

The procession of FOP and family was escorted from the Cool Springs Marriott hotel onto I-65, and then into Nashville by a group of area officers, including one Brentwood officer.

To honor the procession, Walsh said members of the Brentwood Fire and Rescue team decorated the Concord Road I-65 overpass with personnel and an American flag supported by a fire apparatus. It was also a way to show the family support from Brentwood’s first responders. 

Walsh said the officers helped ensure traffic could safely flow around the fire apparatus.

Nashville firefighters displayed a flag on a truck parked on an overpass just south of the junction of I-65 and I-40.

Newly elected City Commissioner Nelson Andrews said he was on his way back from a breakfast meeting in Cool Springs when he saw the Brentwood fire truck on the overpass. He pulled over to see what was going on, and Nelson said the scene was “really somber.”

“It looked like someone had built a tower on the overpass because all the lights were on,” Andrews said. “It looked pretty amazing.”

When he pulled up on the scene, Andrews said members of the fire department were standing at attention across the top of the ladder truck.

“I was so grateful…to be able to acknowledge just the commitment the first responders make to our community,” Andrews said. “When they go to work — police, fire, all those folks — don’t necessarily know what they’re going to find, and they are fully committed to it.”

Andrews said it was a sobering reminder of what goes on in the community and the unknowns that first responders face every day.

“I’m just so proud that our Brentwood team was able to take part in honoring some folks who really made the ultimate sacrifice for our community,” Andrews said.

Flags were displayed on fire apparatus above I-65 on Concord Road. // SUE FALLS

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