Franklin announces $2 million grant from TDOT for Harlinsdale Park path, bridge from Chestnut Bend

Franklin announces $2 million grant from TDOT for Harlinsdale Park path, bridge from Chestnut Bend

PHOTO: The lake at Harlinsdale Farm, near the old farmhouse.//Brooke Wanser

Franklin Mayor Ken Moore announced Thursday the award of a $2 million Transportation Alternative Grant to the City of Franklin for the Park at Harlinsdale Farm multi-use path.

The path will begin at the Ruby F. Lynch trailhead and terminate on the west side of the Harpeth River near Chestnut Bend Subdivision.  The project also includes ADA upgrades, a pedestrian bridge, pedestrian lighting and bike racks.

“The City of Franklin is committed to providing safe pedestrian and bicyclist facilities for its residents and linking critical economic, residential and recreational areas,” Mayor Moore said.  “Projects like this enhance the lives of Franklin citizens and make our community more livable, thank you to Commissioner Schroer and the State of Tennessee for assisting with this project.”

The transportation alternative grant is made possible through a federally funded program formerly known as transportation enhancement, and is administered by the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

“Through these grants, TDOT has funded more than $372 million in non-traditional transportation projects,” said TDOT Commissioner John Schroer, who is the former mayor of Franklin.  “This program has assisted communities all over the state in their efforts to revitalize downtowns, highlight historic areas, provide alternative means of transportation, and increase opportunities for economic development.”

The Harlinsdale project should begin with concept and design in 2019.

Harlinsdale Farm is home to the Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival, which will be hosted for the fourth year this September.

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