Gatlin Brothers wish Brentwood ‘Happy Birthday’ in song

Gatlin Brothers wish Brentwood ‘Happy Birthday’ in song


As promised, Brentwood residents got another celebrity shout out Friday for the city’s 50th Anniversary birthday from the Gatlin Brothers, Larry, Steve and Rudy.

The Grammy-Award winning trio has had several #1 singles, 32 Top 40 records and five BMI “Million-Air” awards. They are best known for their signature hits including “All the Gold in California” and “Broken Lady.”

In the shoutout, Larry notes that some of them have lived in Brentwood “off and on” over the years, and their kids have even attended school in Brentwood.

“I played golf in Crockett Springs right there in Brentwood,” Larry said.

The full shout out video includes an a cappella rendition of Happy Birthday.

The Gatlin Brothers’ appearance marks the second 50th anniversary shout out, following one by Charlie Daniels in January.

More surprises like this one can be found on the City of Brentwood’s social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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