HOME SWEET HOME: Back-to-school prep

HOME SWEET HOME: Back-to-school prep


With the first few weeks of school under your belt, it may feel like the world has tipped off it’s axis. Your kids are still getting to bed too late, the mornings come too early and the lunchbox isn’t always packed the night before.

With first tests, projects and school trips coming up, it is important for parents and students to follow certain steps to ensure they start of the school year right.

Below, we have listed some steps and ideas for making a smooth transition from summer to fall and relaxing to studying.


Bedtime is a battle that no parent wants to fight, but almost every kid does. During the summer, it’s easier to let kids stay up late with the promise that they will also get to wake up late. When the school year starts, all of that changes.

If you plan for your child to be in bed by 8:30 p.m. and asleep by 9 p.m., you need to start the process of getting ready for bed by 8 p.m. Whatever your timetable is, we recommend that you start 30 minutes in advance. Otherwise, 9 p.m. turns to 11 p.m. and the next day everyone pays for it.


Prep, prep, prep. Prepping the night before a school day is crucial. There are three things you should always have ready for the morning ahead.

Clothes: Have your child pick out his/her outfit the night before so there is no last-minute search for the odd sock or shoe.

Lunch: Help your child pack their lunch or have them pack it, depending on their age, the night before. Anything that will keep well overnight, such as morning snack, chips, bagels, applesauce or snack bar can be packed the night before. That way, the only thing left to assemble in the morning is a yummy sandwich.

Backpack: Although your child may not have homework every night (if they’re lucky), it is important to make sure their backpack is packed the night before. Forgetting homework at home is every child’s nightmare and every parent and teacher’s headache. Make sure they have their binders, pencils and papers in order and ready for the next day.


Everyone has a different schedule to adhere to from work times to bus stops. It is important to coordinate with your partner on who will be taking Johnny to school or sending him off safely to the bus. It is recommended to leave 5-10 minutes ahead of time to beat traffic. These 10 minutes will also give your child a little extra time to go to their locker/ get situated in the morning.

After school routine

One of the biggest downfalls that many families experience is the lack of after school schedule. When kids don’t have a schedule to adhere to, even a loose one, all you-know-what breaks loose.

It is crucial to:

Make sure your child knows who is picking them up from school, who they are riding with or what bus they are getting onto.

Have dinner plans ready so that they do not snack too much when they get home from school. If they know what’s for dinner, they will have something to look forward to and not aimlessly munch all afternoon.

Set aside a specific time for homework. Whether it is right when they get home, or after dinner or free time, make sure your child knows when study time is. This will form a healthy habit for your child’s future. That way when they’re older, they will be able to utilize their own time management skills to get their work done.


Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun! Although the school year comes with its own special set of demands and responsibilities, it is important to hang out with the family and make time for friends. Plan short weekend trips and designate one night a week as game/ movie night. It takes the perfect balance of work and play to make the world go ‘round.

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