Hullett returned to school board after hot contest

Hullett returned to school board after hot contest

Incumbent Bobby Hullett will keep his seat for another four years on the Williamson County School Board for District Seven.

He won with 1,050 votes, beating Brentwood mom Jennifer Luteran who had 865 votes and Brentwood dad Christopher Richards who had 204. Arguably, District Seven has had the most controversy. Since the candidates started emerging in the winter, the three have been squabbling on Facebook, finger pointing over PAC funding, dealing with flyers left on mailboxes in the middle of the night, and accusations of wrongly using the WCS logos on mailers.

District Seven had the second-highest voter turnout in the district, though it had the most voters come out with 1,374 votes, totaling 10 percent of the 12,931 registered in north central Brentwood.

“I want to thank everyone who was involved in our process,” Hullett said. “We ran our campaign with integrity, dignity and honor. We never resulted to dirty politics or deceptive tactics. I want to thank everyone who came to vote. Your vote is your voice and they were heard.”

Hullett holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in sales and marketing from the University of Memphis, a Masters of Education in school administration and supervision from Lipscomb University, and is still pursuing his Ph. D. He moved to Brentwood with his parents in 1980 and began attending fourth grade at Lipscomb Elementary before advancing to Brentwood Middle and graduating from Brentwood High.

In addition to teaching marketing and management at Ravenwood during 2004-07, Hullett taught instrumental music for grades 5-12 at David Lipscomb Campus School from 2000-04. Once working at Williamson-based Lee Company, he now works for Vanderbilt Medical Center as a senior information technology consultant.

Luteran moved to Williamson County in 1997. She later married in 2003, and she lived in Cool Springs. The family later hopscotched to Brentwood in 2013.

Two of her children attend Edmondson Elementary School, and the other attends Brentwood Middle School. She has stayed involved with the PTO at both schools.

The father of twin sixth-grade daughters and one eighth-grade son, Richards said he wanted to do more than participate in a PTO or school events, so he entered the race for a seat on the school board. His children currently attend Brentwood Middle School and previously went to Lipscomb Elementary School.

Hullett said he is ready to work in the school board for the betterment of the entire community.

“Above all else, we serve students, at all times,” Hullett said. “That’s what we do. It’s not an issue of do you prefer this religion or faith. We have to many recognized faiths in WCSB. We can’t be preferential to anyone. The voters have spoken. I am excited to work with every member of this board and we are going to turn the spotlight off the adults and the beacon of light on education.”

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