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JULIE HOLT: The Lighter Side

JULIE HOLT: The Lighter Side

Williamson County, we’ve gotta talk about this school rezoning business.

I know I might as well talk politics for all the friends it’s gonna make me, but we’ve been waiting on this for quite some time and it’s a big deal. I know people who are thrilled about the changes and people who are crying themselves to sleep at night and sending Dr. Looney snarky emails. It’s no wonder they put off releasing the new zoning as long as possible!

I feel like we all should have known that there would be some changes that we wouldn’t love, but we would know that it had to happen since our schools are one of the top reasons so many folks are moving to our fine county.

Some of you out there were even waiting to buy a new house based on school zones, if I am to judge by the uptick in houses on the market since the announcement. When we decided to buy a house right after we were married, it was the last time the market was booming. We were 25 year old newlyweds and we could just barely afford to get in the county, but we knew we would have kids one day, and that we wanted them to have that quality education that was guaranteed in WillCo.

We bought our little cute house with the idea that we would upsize after a kid or two, when we were progressing in our careers. Our cute little young selves didn’t factor in a market crash and a surprise third baby, so here we are still in our cute little house. But that’s another story for another day.

When the new Thompson’s Station K-8 school is completed, there will be five elementary schools within three miles of our house. FIVE. We are not zoned for any of those schools. We take the windy country road out to Bethesda Elementary. It takes us about 15 minutes to get there, whereas the other five schools would take six minutes.

When we first moved here, I thought that was odd, but I didn’t have kids so I didn’t care. But now, I get it. It makes sense based on the distribution of population in the constantly growing Thompson’s Station/Spring Hill area. We absolutely love our school and I know we are getting that amazing education that so many come here for.

Last year, when we were thinking about moving, obviously school zone was a major factor in the houses we looked at. At one point I asked Hubby “Where do we get off being school snobs?”

Seriously. My high school, while I was there, had the second highest teen pregnancy rate in the state (Go Tigers!) and Hubby’s high school may have used their ag program to grow some um… special crops. Somehow we survived, got into college and became gainfully employed.

For us, any Williamson County school is offering a lot more than we ever dreamed of! I’m sure you’ve all read the research that indicates how much influence parents’ involvement with their child’s education has on academic performance.

So, here’s the thing. If you care enough to show up at school board meetings, worry over your child’s school zoning and take an active part in how it shakes out, your children are already miles ahead of 95% of students in this country. Your involvement and concern are the difference-maker, and that’s why our schools are so great. It’s why we get new schools, amazing faculty and high test scores year after year.

I’m not saying we all have to love the coming changes, change is hard on kids and I realize that some kids have special circumstances that make this especially difficult. BUT I think we can all help our kids make this transition by showing them how to have a positive attitude when we have to do hard things. I won’t ever forget how lucky I am that no matter where my kids go to school in this county, they are getting the best education in the state.

My parents were just happy I graduated high school without a baby on my hip… you won’t catch me sobbing in my Frappucino over moving to a different elementary school.

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Overheard at the salon: “If she tells me to ‘SHUT.UP.’ one more time, I’m gonna duct tape her  mouth.”

Julie Holt is a wife, mother of three, hair stylist, runner, reader, writer, and is tired. Very tired. She works in Brentwood, lives in Spring Hill and can be reached at You can follow Julie on Twitter @jh_lighter_side.

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