Jurassic Quest, country’s largest dinosaur event, kicks off in Franklin this weekend

Jurassic Quest, country’s largest dinosaur event, kicks off in Franklin this weekend


Franklin got prehistoric this weekend as Jurassic Quest, the single largest dinosaur-themed event in the country, kicked off on Friday.

The event features multiple dinosaur-themed rides, a dinosaur petting zoo, and more than 80 true-to-life-sized dinosaur replicas, including a spinosaurus and triceratops.

Throughout the event, guests will see life-sized replicas of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic periods, all accurately represented through the help of paleontologists across the country.

Guests looking to see more lively dinosaurs can visit Jurassic Quest’s Dinosaur World, where there’ll be interactive baby dinosaurs, which Jurassic Quest says might nibble on shirts in addition to posing for photos, and velociraptors freely walking around.

Rides will also be plentiful, including the new for this year 24-foot carnotaurus and tyrannosaurus rex rides, which Jurassic Quest claims to be the largest dinosaur rides in the United States.

Dozens of other dino-themed side activities will be at the event, including inflatable mazes and slides, the Dino Bungee Pull, as well as the aforementioned dinosaur petting zoo, where children can pet and pose for photos with the smaller and gentler dinosaurs.

For the fossil enthusiasts, Jurassic Quest will give guests the chance to dig up fossil replicas or visit the dinosaur museum to see actual dinosaur fossils. Some of the fossils date back more than 60 million years.

The event lasts all weekend, first opening on Friday until 8 p.m., and then from 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets cost $26 for the standard pass, and $36 for the VIP pass, which gives unlimited access to most of the dinosaur-themed attractions.

Tickets may be purchased online by clicking here.

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