JUST SOLD: Property transfers as of Aug. 22, 2017

JUST SOLD: Property transfers as of Aug. 22, 2017

22 AUGUST 2017
1806 Burland Crescent, Brentwood, Cromwell; Buyer: Anna and Joe Philip; Seller: Sims Family Rev Trust; $1,149,000.
1175 Pin Oak Lane, Brentwood, Willowmet; Buyer: Gayatri Manral and Natraj Patil; Seller: Eun Joo Lee and Ki Taek Nam; $529,000.
917 Calloway Drive, Brentwood, Heathrow Hills; Buyer: Suzanne and Richard Tatum; Seller: Sarah and Robert Angus; $938,000.
Holly Tree Gap Road, Brentwood, Callie Ann Estates; Buyer: Hillside Homes Inc; Seller: G P Luxury LLC; $760,000.
6467 Penrose Drive, Brentwood, Avery; Buyer: G P Luxury LLC; Seller: Murray Lane Development LLC; $479,500.
9600 Versailles Court, Brentwood, Tuscany Hills; Buyer: Sharlin L and Michael E Quest; Seller: Kimberly R and Samuel J Matthews; $1,140,000.
5122 Herschel Spears Circle, Brentwood, Brentwood Country Club; Buyer: Stephen D Elkins; Seller: Eileen F and Calvin J Reynolds; $1,000,000.
574 Midway Circle, Brentwood, Brentwood Country Club; Buyer: Rickey L Walker; Seller: Stephen D Elkins; $775,000.
Old Smyrna Road, Brentwood, Sneed Manor; Buyer: Vickie E and Thomas O Flood; Seller: Sneed Manor Development Co; $725,000.
1803 Morgan Farms Way, Brentwood, Morgan Farms; Buyer: Paulomi R and Kyle D Campbell; Seller: Hidden Valley Homes LLC; $1,377,887.
1617 Amanda Court, Brentwood, Mooreland Estates; Buyer: Pauline Hawkins; Seller: Stacy K and Corey C Sims; $345,000.
129 Brentwood Pointe, Brentwood, Brentwood Pointe; Buyer: Jacquelyn and Patrick Howard; Seller: Pauline Hawkins and Nicole Higgins; $257,000.
9508 Glenfiddich Trace, Brentwood, Glen Abbey; Buyer: Marcelon J and William F McLean; Seller: Ann F and Robert S Bond; $830,000.
9508 Nottaway Lane, Brentwood, Taramore; Buyer: David Brothers; Seller: Patricia B and Stephen O Slamon Rev Trust; $900,000.
5229 Williamsburg Road, Brentwood, Meadow Lake; Buyer: Elizabeth K and Bradley D Coburn; Seller: Stone Oak Builders LLC; $560,000.
5209 Colleton Way, Brentwood, Princeton Hills; Buyer: Mitzi and Chad Stevens; Seller: Kathleen A and Brian A Loeb; $1,175,000.
565 Grand Oaks Drive, Brentwood, Belle Rive; Buyer: 3 Oaks Trust; Seller: Courtney Michelle and James Allen Fitzgerald Jr; $1,850,000.
9534 Butler Drive, Brentwood, Twelve Oaks; Buyer: Annebeth K Black; Seller: Lise and Dan Ridings; $689,900.
8203 Victory Trail, Brentwood, Concord Chase Estates; Buyer: Lindsay and Zachary Mosayebi; Seller: Sonja L and Stephen A Nafe; $712,000.
7 Angel Trace, Brentwood, Governors Club; Buyer: Kimberly S and Daniel E Meador; Seller: Nancy Wallis and Martin H Warren; $870,000.

506 Abbey Drive, Brentwood, Belle Rive; Buyer: Margaret and Brian Chamblee; Seller: Jessica Davenport and Daniel Scott Bauchiero; $795,000.
1923 Campfire Court, Brentwood, Traditions; Buyer: Artisan Custom Homes LLC; Seller: Whistler Farms LLC; $295,000.
1729 Coachmans Court, Brentwood, Carriage Hills; Buyer: Jennifer M and William A Morrison; Seller: Kathryn A and Nicholas L Woodard; $540,000.
9777 Jupiter Forest Drive, Brentwood, Chestnut Springs; Buyer: Anthony Raneri; Seller: Carli and Spencer Patton; $398,000.
900 Shenandoah Drive, Brentwood, Brentmeade Estates; Buyer: Equity Trust Co; Seller: Marvelyn and Harris Allen; $350,000.
7032 Crimson Leaf Lane, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: David Arents; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $618,369.
6218 Wild Heron Way, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Heidi and Walter Kaye; Seller: SGS Second Chance Trust; $1,075,000.
Lots 239 and 280 on Pleasant Gate Lane, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Brentwood Communities LLC; $213,180.
6741 Pleasant Gate Lane, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Brentwood Communities LLC; $105,450.
6933 Wellsford Lane, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: Denise L and Jerry A Martin; Seller: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; $595,741.
7076 Lanceleaf Drive, College Grove, Hideaway at Arrington; Buyer: Nicole and Thomas Gaffney; Seller: Weekley Homes LLC; $850,000.
7028 Crimson Leaf Lane, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: Traci L and Brian M Grace; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $784,455.
6923 Cross Keys Road, College Grove; Buyer: Gary L Moore; Seller: Lucy H Morgan Trust; $400,000.
7452 Sleepy Hollow Road, Fairview; Buyer: Amy Collins Sullivan and Steven Cary Hatcher; Seller: Wendy Johnson; $142,800.
7302 Donington Pike, Fairview, Kingwood; Buyer: Kelsey and Jacob Whitman; Seller: Rachel H and John M Goode; $300,000.
7127 Fernvale Springs Way, Fairview, Fernvale Springs; Buyer: Dorothy Shumate; Seller: Duke & Duke LLC; $200,532.
7101 Triple Crown Lane, Fairview, Heartland Reserve; Buyer: Nicole S and Zachary K Ragland; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $426,345.
7209 Deervalley Drive, Fairview, Deervalley; Buyer: Michelle L and Jeffrey R Wanninger; Seller: Ole South Properties Inc; $289,177.
Horn Tavern Road, Fairview; Buyer: Julie M and Jonathan W Elam; Seller: James C Fox; $182,000.

4037 Flatwater Street, Franklin, Waters Edge; Buyer: Kevin D Mills; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $348,249.
1914 Championship Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Jean Marie and Declan Weir; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $783,248.
246 Polk Place Drive, Franklin, Polk Place; Buyer: Amanda and William P Leake; Seller: Rachel G and Mark A Brown; $515,000.
4448 Campbell Road, Franklin; Buyer: Randall Waterston; Seller: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $245,000.
2219 Oakleaf Drive, Franklin, Oakleaf Estates; Buyer: Karen W and John H Reuter; Seller: Andria Allison and Gregory W Brenner; $580,000.
412 River Bluff Drive, Franklin, Riverbluff; Buyer: Nicholas Craig Mann; Seller: Celebration Homes LLC; $549,900.
1249 Carriage Park Drive, Franklin, Carriage Park Condos; Buyer: Lorie T and Sanford B Groetzinger; Seller: Nancy Watherman; $221,858.
3156 Langley Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Leslie Grass; Seller: Amanda L and Stephen J Baker; $332,000.
3007 Gracious Drive, Franklin, Simmons Ridge; Buyer: Lindsey N Pugil; Seller: Simmons Ridge Joint Venture; $296,500.
419 Meadowcrest Circle, Franklin, Moores Landing; Buyer: Loma L and Natalie Dyess; Seller: Pamela J Walsh; $400,000.
1316 Charing Cross Circle, Franklin, Forrest Crossing; Buyer: Michelle W Gillespie; Seller: Dorothy W and Arthur M Ley; $490,000.
1358 Porter Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Marisa R Fernandez; Seller: Sallie Hicks and George Thomas Hicks; $495,000.
4043 Flatwater Street, Franklin, Waters Edge; Buyer: Jean V and Harry E Zamminer; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $353,816.
7025 Headwaters Drive, Franklin, Waters Edge; Buyer: Lydia E and Eric M Weber; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $528,614.
312 Passage Lane, Franklin, Tywater Crossing; Buyer: Lindsay I and Victor E Bocos; Seller: Patterson Co LLC; $412,903.
445 Avon River Road, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Maureen and Daniel Muse; Seller: Brook Alison and Brandon Ashby Dycus; $500,000.
4078 General Martin Lane, Franklin, Berry Farms Town Center; Buyer: Sharon G and Frederic D Rine; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $754,680.
266 Stonehaven Circle, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Byron L and Pamela A Spradlin; Seller: Sheri L and Terrell W Washington; $470,000.
324 Julianna Circle, Franklin, Polk Place; Buyer: Sandra Sue Butters; Seller: Debra and Robert Solberg; $455,000.
105 Gallagher Drive, Franklin, Polk Place; Buyer: Patricia Rappa and Bret R Robbe; Seller: Pamela A and Byron L Spradlin; $493,000.
168 Generals Retreat Place, Franklin, Generals Retreat; Buyer: Joanna Lynn Shepard; Seller: James S Berkowicz; $330,000.
104 Church Street, Franklin, Brownstones at First and Church; Buyer: Jeanette K and Joseph P Zeller; Seller: Aileen V and Edward F Downey Jr; $1,365,000.

601 Boyd Mills Avenue, Franklin, Laurelwood; Buyer: Warren Translation LLC; Seller: Jessica Warren Bias; $150,000.
326 Caysens Square, Franklin, Barclay Place; Buyer: Carol and Gardiner Jones III; Seller: Titen / Chapman Living Trust; $410,000.
1068 Scouting Drive, Franklin, Water Edge; Buyer: Katie Ann and Brian Lee McLarty; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $433,290.
6026 Maysbrook Lane, Franklin, Echelon; Buyer: Laura Chesney and Jason M Ford; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $598,425.
Quitclaim with Consideration and Abandonment Right of Way Huffines Ridge Drive, Franklin; Buyer: S S McEwen 65 LLC; Seller: State of Tennessee; $80,000.
1436 Ridley Drive, Franklin, Mayberry Station; Buyer: Antoinette and Anthony Ceglia; Seller: Tarri A and Ronald W Koppelberger; $470,000.
220 Messenger Lane, Franklin, Tywater Crossing; Buyer: Elise J and John J Farrell; Seller: Patterson Co LLC; $489,711.
504 Falkirk Court, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Michelle L and James R Hughes II; Seller: Jennifer L and Albert L Potere; $438,000.
314 Avondale Drive, Franklin; Buyer: Shari Ann Seaman; Seller: Casey and Joshua Cooper; $335,000.
153 Generals Retreat Place, Franklin, Generals Retreat; Buyer: Ronald Unger; Seller: CSP Trust; $330,000.
2406 Douglass Glen Lane, Franklin, Douglass Glen; Buyer: Jennifer Paulette and Lance Erik Dammeyer; Seller: Susan D and Craig A Eilermann; $572,000.
3013 Gracious Drive, Franklin, Simmons Ridge; Buyer: Yasser Fathi; Seller: Simmons Ridge Joint Venture; $296,500.
274 Wisteria Drive, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Angela and Christopher Dodd; Seller: Natalie and Brian Rieschick; $428,250.
Cool Springs Road, Franklin; Buyer: Rondo Pools LLC; Seller: Barbara E and Ralph W Jenkins; $415,000.
5360 Waddell Hollow Road, Franklin; Buyer: Alison L Dexter Trust; Seller: Henrietta B Vaughn; $950,000.
528 Justin Drive, Franklin, Hunters Chase; Buyer: Mary Leonard and Kathleen De Grasse; Seller: Alice K and Michael Hotz; $330,000.
6011 Garrison Springs Road, Franklin, Garrison Springs Estates; Buyer: Brian Sfameni; Seller: Tower Investments LLC; $324,900.
4043 General Martin Lane, Franklin, Berry Farms Town Center; Buyer: Elizabeth K and Jerone C Cecelic; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $670,175.
137 Yorktown, Franklin, Yorktown; Buyer: Sarah and Robert S Breymaier III; Seller: Holly E and Kevin C McClung; $399,000.
443 Pearre Springs Way, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Krystal and J Salvatore Torcivia Jr; Seller: Allison M and Storme L Warren; $653,000.
411 William Wallace Drive, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Sara Eatherly and Stephen Oeser; Seller: Patricia Rappa; $416,000.
4025 Fernshaw Lane, Franklin, Stream Valley; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Stream Valley Franklin LLC; $90,532.

3163 Winberry Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Marissa Marshall and Zachary Harrison Ward; Seller: Emily M and Joshua R Baulch; $342,000.
6020 Maysbrook Lane, Franklin, Echelon; Buyer: Crystal Sayes; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $782,341.
110 Turnberry Drive, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Virginia Ruth Corey; Seller: Kevin P Clingan; $410,000.
212 Granger View Circle, Franklin, Cedarhill; Buyer: Joel D Williams; Seller: Irmgard Louise Williams; $350,000.
230 Lighthouse Terrace, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Sunny A Khalessi and Sam Asgarian; Seller: Carrie A and James W Deshaw; $417,000.
915 Joel Cheek Boulevard, Franklin, Chestnut Bend; Buyer: Edward David Gil; Seller: Lea M and David Markum; $610,000.
265 Wisteria Drive, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Mauri Lenderman and Kenneth Riesenberg; Seller: Christina and Kevin Pierce; $404,900.
725 West Main Street, Franklin; Buyer: D9 Arlington LLC; Seller: Crews West Main LLC; $1,665,000.
210 Camellia Court, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Alison B and Michael M Baldoni; Seller: Timothy Edward Codling; $330,000.
5774 Bending Chestnut Road, Franklin; Buyer: Kelly C and Samuel M Utt-Grubb; Seller: Barbara A and William H Kauffman; $275,200.
9078 Berry Farms Crossing, Franklin, Berry Farms Town Center; Buyer: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; Seller: Rural Plains Partnership; $157,641.
7028 Wenlock Lane (includes multiple lots), Franklin, Echelon; Buyer: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; Seller: Crescent Helm LLC; $290,756.
702 Periwinkle Cove, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Lisa Diane Long and Brigham Alexander Dixson; Seller: William B Lambing IV; $339,000.
2209 Oakwood Drive East, Franklin, Oakwood Estates; Buyer: Grace and Jonathan Mayfield; Seller: Dorothy W Stewart; $450,000.
1505 Granville Road, Franklin, Orleans Estates Condos; Buyer: Grant Halloran; Seller: Marilee Anne Murray and John Robert Gorta; $175,000.
4424 Ivan Creek Drive, Franklin, Ivan Creek; Buyer: Amanda and Brian M Cole; Seller: Steve Tinney; $699,000.
1005 Buddleia Lane, Franklin, Garden Club; Buyer: Farrah M Utroska; Seller: Lisa and Darcy D Hordichuk; $660,000.
1402 Flemings Court, Franklin, McKays Mill; Buyer: Gwenaelle Cheramy and Laurent B Marion; Seller: Heather M and Jody Kristofer Bomar; $496,500.
4512 Stagecoach Circle, Franklin, Watkins Creek; Buyer: Yvonne A and Mark W Weadon; Seller: John Pratt; $699,900.
9050 Clovercroft Preserve Drive, Franklin, Clovercroft Preserve; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Clovercroft Preserve LLC; $157,000.
1208 Broadmoor Circle, Franklin, McKays Mill; Buyer: Deborah L and Christopher W Robb; Seller: Green Rev Living Trust; $744,000.

105 Harvest Court, Franklin, Breckenridge South; Buyer: Emily and Josh Baulch; Seller: Jayne A and George E Estrade; $445,000.
528 Verde Meadow Drive, Franklin, Clovercroft; Buyer: Deathra A and Michael R Vanscoy; Seller: Shannon D Mitchell; $512,000.
Lots 1662 and 1663 on Hastings Lane, Franklin, Temple Hills Country Club; Buyer: Megan E and David B Eskind; Seller: Rochford Realty and Construction Co Inc; $650,050.
206 Deerfield Lane, Franklin, Deerfield; Buyer: Shelly G and John T Cook; Seller: Katherine Collins Davis; $1,750,000.
2183 South Berrys Chapel Road, Franklin; Buyer: Jodi and Garry Vermaas; Seller: Juli M and Robert E Clendenin III; $1,587,500.
Hastings Lane, Franklin, Temple Hills Country Club; Buyer: Stacy N Beaulieu-Fawcett and Jeffrey Fawcett; Seller: Encore Construction LLC; $1,314,525.
1206 Hunters Trail Drive, Franklin, Hunters Ridge; Buyer: Catherine Arit Mitchell; Seller: Charles Austin Fish; $520,000.
5636 Iron Gate Drive, Franklin, Laurelbrooke; Buyer: Joann and Glen Barros; Seller: Kristen and Steve Sullivan; $1,970,000.
1207 Gillette Court, Franklin, Cottonwood Estates; Buyer: Corrie and Robert Fritts; Seller: Lea Anne and Bryan H Campbell; $460,000.
320 Derby Lane, Franklin, Meadowgreen Acres; Buyer: Jessica and Bradley Minnigan; Seller: Katie Calcote and Brandon James Flowers; $280,000.
419 Stable Drive, Franklin, Cottonwood Estates; Buyer: Jennifer and Spencer Sessions; Seller: Christie C and Jerry W Bowen; $400,000.
1103 Stonebridge Park Drive, Franklin, Stonebridge Park; Buyer: Tiffany and John Kachinko; Seller: Cynthia G and Paul E Dirkmeyer; $549,000.
509 Brixham Park Drive, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Lucy C and William Knight Miller; Seller: Marjorie R and Paul E Ridge; $488,000.
108 Crestfield Place, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Linda L Garceau; Seller: Melissa Hodges; $320,000.
580 Crofton Park Lane, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Marcia R and Joseph Clayton Greene Jr; Seller: Amy and Demian Manzanares; $503,000.
2684 Sanford Road, Nolensville; Buyer: Heidi Elizabeth Wilder; Seller: Leslie and Michael J Barber; $344,500.
753 Alameda Avenue, Nolensville, Catalina; Buyer: Deepa and Kalicharan Motheramgari; Seller: D R Horton Inc; $595,000.
Lots 20 and 24 on York Road, Nolensville; Buyer: Drees Premier Homes Inc; Seller: CCD Oldsmith Singleton LLC; $143,550.
9305 Norwegian Red Drive, Nolensville, Farms at Clovercroft; Buyer: William R Snellings; Seller: Turnberry Homes LLC; $629,900.
1233 Countryside Road, Nolensville, Stonebrook; Buyer: Beriwan and Yassin Yassin; Seller: Ann Lehue; $300,000.

521 Clemente Avenue, Nolensville, Catalina; Buyer: Dana and Grant Clark; Seller: D R Horton Inc; $580,296.
405 Cowan Court, Nolensville, McFarlin Woods; Buyer: Bushrah Yako and Habib Al Shawi; Seller: Kay S and Yi G Kim; $445,000.
1832 Apperly Drive, Nolensville, Scales Farmstead; Buyer: Jennifer and Eric M Bounds; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $494,825.
2601 Nolita Lane, Nolensville, Silver Stream; Buyer: Julia C Liggett; Seller: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; $429,761.
7176 Nolensville Road, Nolensville; Buyer: M & S Holdings LLC; Seller: Yancey Leonardo Sullivan; $375,000.
1043 Crossfield Drive, Nolensville, Whittmore; Buyer: Marissa N and Emmanuel C Clottey; Seller: Beazer Homes LLC; $458,000.
1142 Eckerton Drive, Nolensville, Summerlyn; Buyer: Sharon L and Samuel L Brown; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $584,678.
317 Conoga Drive, Nolensville, Benington; Buyer: Bethany K and Daniel M Provenzano; Seller: Barlow Builders LLC; $770,210.
9254 Holstein Drive, Nolensville, Farms at Clovercroft; Buyer: Howe Street Realty Trust; Seller: Turnberry Homes LLC; $698,478.
1509 Halifax Drive, Spring Hill, Wyngate Estates; Buyer: Hallie L and Eric W Mossack; Seller: Andrea and James Dunn; $278,000.
Commonwealth Drive, Spring Hill, Pinnacle Commercial; Buyer: City of Spring Hill Tennessee; Seller: Henry M Turley; $13,500.
1407 Bern Drive, Spring Hill, Wyngate Estates; Buyer: Paige and Eric T Bailey; Seller: Eddie Arvin Slusser Jr; $275,900.
2306 Lance Lane, Spring Hill, Spring Hill Estates; Buyer: Tiffany and Richard Higgins; Seller: Tracy L and Timothy R Grimes; $235,000.
1956 Portway Road, Spring Hill, Ridgeport; Buyer: Jerodis C Williams III; Seller: Magdalena and Ramon Nunez Living Trust; $203,500.
2018 Morton Drive, Spring Hill, Willowvale at Harvey Springs; Buyer: Kara A and Micah J Otano; Seller: Laura and Brett Binkley; $369,900.
4002 Red Brick Court, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Richard Bennett; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $342,840.
1802 Baslia Lane, Spring Hill, Wyngate Estates; Buyer: Amanda and Joshua Vogel; Seller: Laura M and Glenn N Anderson Jr; $265,000.
7006 San Gilberto Court, Spring Hill, Benevento East; Buyer: Amanda J and Todd Robert Essig; Seller: Pulte Homes TN LP; $385,070.
218 Audrey Drive, Spring Hill, Hamptons at Campbell Station; Buyer: NVR Inc; Seller: Tenn Contractors Inc; $59,740.
2021 Autumn Ridge Way, Spring Hill, Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Camille and Justin Stevens; Seller: Clark Custom Homes LLC; $564,900.
5008 Paddy Trace, Spring Hill, Campbell Station; Buyer: Heather L and Jeremy P Bawcom; Seller: Dominique Viaene Rev Trust; $450,000.

4950 Ash Hill Road, Spring Hill, Duvall; Buyer: Linda D Gaw; Seller: Shelly Dee and Joe Lesley Pell; $239,000.
1040 Neal Crest Circle, Spring Hill, Buckner Crossing; Buyer: Cassandra and Richard J Bohne II; Seller: Jason L Strain; $400,000.
2031 Brisbane Drive, Spring Hill, Cherry Grove; Buyer: Janine Toney and William W Chandler; Seller: Candace L and Joseph D Williams; $514,900.
3001 Foust Drive, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Jennifer and Robert C Baron; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $377,807.
4001 Red Brick Court, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Shirley and Steven G Opitz; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $321,448.
2014 Via Francesco Court, Spring Hill, Benevento East; Buyer: Shannon and Jason A Chapman; Seller: Janine Toney and William W Chandler; $406,000.
5012 Speight Street, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Laura M and Glenn N Anderson Jr; Seller: Hillary and Dorian Gammons; $369,900.
3577 Robbins Nest Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Diane Falcone and Douglas Weaver; Seller: Meritage Homes of TN Inc; $527,989.
6840 Bethesda-Arno Road, Thompson’s Station; Buyer: Leonard E Stephens; Seller: Mary F and Jesse W Bates Jr; $160,000.
1231 Saddle Springs Drive, Thompson’s Station, Saddle Springs Estates; Buyer: Jacqueline G and James F Jarboe; Seller: Polk & Associates LLC; $975,572.
Grace Creek Valley Private Lane, Thompson’s Station, Grace Creek Valley; Buyer: Robbie Mason; Seller: R & J Land Co LLC; $320,000.
2234 Chaucer Park Lane, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Willow Branch Partners LLC; Seller: Hood Development LLC; $60,500.
3712 Ronstadt Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Suzanne Pittman-Perry and David Earl Perry; Seller: Shaw Enterprises Inc; $610,846.
3720 Ronstadt Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Penny L and James W Clancy; Seller: Shaw Enterprises Inc; $626,400.
2710 Douglas Lane, Thompson’s Station, Cameron Farms; Buyer: Hanni Watson; Seller: Ashley and Brandon S Musgrove; $261,500.
5555 Carters Creek Pike, Thompson’s Station; Buyer: Erin Friel and Alfredo Malatesta; Seller: Edith F and James L Peach; $595,000.

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