JUST SOLD: Property transfers recorded in Williamson County as of Oct. 16, 2018

JUST SOLD: Property transfers recorded in Williamson County as of Oct. 16, 2018



632 Firefox Drive, Brentwood, Shadow Creek; Buyer: Elizabeth S and Edward W Roberts; Seller: Alison and Patrick Clougherty; $700,000.
9227 Lehigh Drive, Brentwood, Witherspoon; Buyer: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; Seller: Holt Witherspoon LLC; $238,842.
1087 Wilmington Way, Brentwood, The Estates of Bonbrook; Buyer: Susan O and Frank L Santoro; Seller: Cindy M and Mark R Shaw; $1,150,000.
1207 Brentwood Lane, Brentwood, Brentwood Hills; Buyer: Ruta S and Gregory E Panomitros; Seller: Julie K and Chadwick Cannon; $725,900.
36 Governors Way, Brentwood, Governors Club; Buyer: SVR Revocable Residence Trust; Seller: Rhonda and Stephen Williams; $2,625,500.
9412 Ashford Place, Brentwood, Chenoweth; Buyer: Thomas Ryles; Seller: Sara Elizabeth and William H Bradford; $694,399.
1508 Pear Tree Circle, Brentwood, Crockett Cove; Buyer: Michael A Ross; Seller: Anh K and Lee Hang Huynh; $650,000.
1004 Jones Parkway, Brentwood, Brentmeade Estates; Buyer: Amanda B and Rodney L Thompson; Seller: Kathy B and David A Loggins; $725,000.
8203 Morningview Court, Brentwood, Brenthaven East; Buyer: Caroline Kaye and Edward Charles Kunath; Seller: Renee Williams and Christopher G Hart; $627,000.
1054 Falling Leaf Circle, Brentwood, Windstone; Buyer: Cheryl W and Donald S Stinnett; Seller: R J and R C Wangner; $980,961.
823 Woodburn Drive, Brentwood, Chenoweth; Buyer: Brenda and Grady Cannon; Seller: Regina S and Bryan W Hall; $635,000.


8089 Horton Highway, College Grove; Buyer: Bernie Bloemer; Seller: Preston H Ingram; $750,000.
6649 Arno-Allisona Road, College Grove; Buyer: Paula and Evan Lomas; Seller: Larue G and William E McIntyre; $441,500.
Lots 412, 413, and 426 on Flower Hill Drive, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: Jones Co of TN LLC; Seller: Brentwood Communities; $423,045.


Vacant lot on Taylor Road, Fairview; Buyer: Innovated Construction Co LLC; Seller: Cheryl Denise Bates and Michelle Sanders Brinson; $42,000.
7310 Henderson Drive, Fairview, Fairview; Buyer: Viho Luong and Demetrius Ritt; Seller: Janet M Soeder; $482,000.
7104 School Heights Drive, Fairview, School Heights; Buyer: Larry Cox; Seller: Zientz Mackie Wolf & Mann PC; $89,719.
7103 Cleveland Lane, Fairview; Buyer: Thomas Sullivan; Seller: Ricky Mullins; $50,000.

7520 Scarborough Place, Fairview, Scarborough Place; Buyer: Deborah T and Larry P Klawson; Seller: Scarborough Homes LLC; $241,000.
7311 Allans Ridge Lane, Fairview, Kyles Creek; Buyer: Elizabeth F Douglas Cook; Seller: Stace Anne Benu and David Allen Wilson; $425,000.
7813 Shauna Circle, Fairview, Cherokee Hills; Buyer: Michelle McKee Craven; Seller: Brenda Cashion and Charles Henry Cashion; $299,900.
7205 Lakewood Club Drive, Fairview, Lakewood Club; Buyer: Stasia Ann and Abram McCorpin; Seller: Nathalie H and Daniel P Whisnant; $372,500.
7108 New Hope Road, Fairview; Buyer: Terri and Michael Mitchell; Seller: Karon Lee and George Michael White; $150,000.
7120 County Line Road, Fairview; Buyer: Charles Wayne Edgin; Seller: Ronnie Dale Edgin; $34,000.


1244 Championship Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; Seller: Westhaven Partners LLC; $152,900.
461 Riverbluff Drive, Franklin, Riverbluff; Buyer: Ashley E Johnston; Seller: Willow Branch Partners LLC; $497,640.
2129 Summer Hill Circle, Franklin, Summer Hill; Buyer: Stacey A and Todd T Downs; Seller: Mary H and Robert J Mahoney; $932,500.
589 Marigold Drive, Franklin, Willowsprings; Buyer: Patricia Randle; Seller: Louise Williamson-Brown; $606,000.
1261 Championship Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Zurich Homes Group LLC; Seller: Westhaven Partners LLC; $192,900.
2048 Ryecroft Lane, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Yanmin Wang and James Joon-Hee Cho; Seller: Brittany W and John W Bishop; $452,500.
1100 West Main Street #D9, Franklin, Colony House Condo; Buyer: Alexis Boorde; Seller: Amye and James Harrison; $165,000.
315 James Avenue, Franklin; Buyer: John D Brake; Seller: Kenneth Ray Daniel; $52,000.
5014 Water Leaf Drive, Franklin, Water Leaf; Buyer: Brian M Grace; Seller: Carbine & Assoc LLC; $957,500.
3150 Winberry Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: 3150 Winberry Drive LLC; Seller: Katy and Raul Quirarte Aguilar; $310,000.
1018 Cheltenham Avenue, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Marilyn J and Thomas R Dziedzinski; Seller: SLC Homebuilding LLC; $671,744.
4516 Pratt Lane, Franklin; Buyer: Rupa Tummala; Seller: Sharon Y and Melvin J Stockard; $890,000.
438 Wild Elm Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Ward Living Trust; Seller: Carol J Cressler Revocable Living Trust; $792,000.
5050 Nelson Drive, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Barbara Patrick and William W Crunk; Seller: Dirt Road Farms LLC; $622,500.
1600 Cooper Creek Lane, Franklin, Carlisle; Buyer: Susan Seifert; Seller: Rebecca and Kirk A Johnson; $600,000.

1039 Memorial Drive, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Leslianna and Andrew Garlington; Seller: Brenley Crossing Partners LLC; $686,863.
616 Alexander Drive, Franklin, Magnolia Place; Buyer: Marlin Chapman; Seller: The Estate of Maze Z Mangrum Jr; $240,000.
3102 Vera Valley Road, Franklin, Spencer Hall; Buyer: Linda Oades and Michael Anthony Pimental; Seller: Margaret and Brad D Christian; $358,200.
226 Old Liberty Pike, Franklin; Buyer: Renee D Behrman-Greiman; Seller: Katelyn Abernathy and John Matthews IV; $300,500.
2628 Goose Creek By-Pass, Franklin; Buyer: Rebecca P and Roger D Womble; Seller: Linda Helleis; $862,000.
3217 Gardendale Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Bryon Wells; Seller: Mark W Bell Successor Trust; $248,000.
312 Eddy Lane, Franklin; Buyer: Glyna M and William G Dickerson III; Seller: The Estate of Valerie P Menefee; $600,000.
436 River Bluff Drive, Franklin, Riverbluff; Buyer: Laura and Titus Bartos; Seller: Celebration Homes Inc; $554,037.
538 Ardmore Place, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Lauren Hommell and Michael Zagurski; Seller: Linda J Le Powell; $535,000.
217 Oak Drive, Franklin, Hill Estates; Buyer: Bethanhy and Chase J Winters; Seller: Carly Lynn and John Wilson Radzimanowski; $273,000.
1118 Adams Street, Franklin; Buyer: Tracey Ruth and Brian J Schaeffer; Seller: Hidden Valley Homes LLC; $1,193,275.
1223 Kelly Court, Franklin, Clairmonte; Buyer: Akilah F Brooks; Seller: Shron H and Timothy S Shavor; $375,000.
1099 Memorial Drive, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Brenley Crossing Partners LLC; Seller: Propst Realty Nashville LLC; $163,671.
1027 Memorial Drive, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Anna Xuan and Jeffery Scott McDonald; Seller: Brenley Crossing Partners LLC; $556,139.


3116 Chase Point Drive, Franklin, Belle Chase Farms; Buyer: Deborah S Atkins Revocable Living Trust; Seller: Nancy M and John T Mayer; $720,600.
342 Cool Springs Boulevard, Franklin, Aspen Grove; Buyer: Cool Springs Business Center LLC; Seller: Cool Springs Business Plaza LLC; $4,000,000.
1175 Cross Creek Drive, Franklin, Cross Creek; Buyer: Duane Stanton Park; Seller: Mardi M and D Brooks Hodges III; $530,000.
7183 Tullamore Lane, Franklin, Abington Ridge; Buyer: Mary Lynn and James G Clarkson; Seller: Charlotte and Paul L Owen; $565,000.
1790 Pleasant Hill Road, Franklin; Buyer: Melanie M Raub-Colletti and Dennis Colletti; Seller: Rebecca Dexter; $1,024,000.
305 Ericksen Court, Franklin, Andover; Buyer: Jill Canovan; Seller: Hurbert Kida; $389,000.
454 Victorian Park Circle, Franklin, Breezeway; Buyer: Mindy J Sullivan; Seller: Tina and Hal M Rains; $610,000.

1112 Hudson Lane, Franklin, McKays Mill; Buyer: Muteeb Ghaffar; Seller: Chang Hom and Kwang Chul Kim; $415,000.
434 Woodcrest Lane, Franklin, Ivy Glen; Buyer: Bethany and David Lambert; Seller: Lisa Doyle; $837,500.


180 St Andrews Drive, Franklin, Temple Hills; Buyer: Katherine and Jordan Owen; Seller: Imogene F Greene; $470,000.
790 High Point Ridge Road, Franklin; Buyer: Kelly Sue and Jeffery Wayne Adams; Seller: Christie L and Peter Robert Browne; $551,500.
2309 Candlewood Drive, Franklin, Sneed Forest; Buyer: Charmer Revocable Trust; Seller: Sheriff Investment Group LLC; $840,000.
Holland Park Lane, Franklin, Windsor Park; Buyer: Dona L Reynolds; Seller: Leslie J Miller; $315,000.
605 Lawrin Park, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Opendoor Property W19 LLC; Seller: Bridgit Maning and Kent Stone; $325,500.


596 Vickery Park Drive, Nolensville, Scales Farmstead; Buyer: Drees Premier Homes Inc; Seller: T F Scales Farmstead LP; $381,158.
610 Weybridge Drive, Nolensville, Nolen Mill; Buyer: Karen R and Alan W Weyman; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $341,820.
605 Weybridge Drive, Nolensville, Nolen Mill; Buyer: Roberta T and Gary L Farmer; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $333,340.
2028 Delaware Drive, Nolensville, Winterset Woods; Buyer: Lilsa A and Charles A Schnell; Seller: Madron D and Timothy E Sawyer; $484,500.
608 Riverdene Drive, Nolensville, Burberry Glen; Buyer: Rebecca Corinne Neal and Michael Edmond Weston; Seller: Meritage Homes of TN Inc; $454,907.
3008 Bradfield Drive, Nolensville, Summerlyn; Buyer: Rebekah J L Slade and Panagiotis Kolonelos; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $589,821.
1508 Underwood Drive, Nolensville, Scales Farmstead; Buyer: Cherry Ann S and Claude Wayne Smith; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $635,781.
1220 Countryside Road, Nolensville, Stonebrook; Buyer: Polly D Pewitt Revocable Trust; Seller: Tyler David C Anderson and Kyle James Carson; $314,000.
2500 Whitlock Trail, Nolensville, Scales Farmstead; Buyer: Dohyun Lee and Ah Ra Ko; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $623,575.
314 Gleaves Lane, Nolensville, Nolen Mill; Buyer: Amanda G and Keith B Weisel; Seller: Clayton Property Group Inc; $467,230.
533 Mildenhall Lane, Nolensville, Burberry Glen; Buyer: Rhonda Ammerman; Seller: Meritage Homes of TN Inc; $434,206.
Lots 183-199 on Belsford Lane, Nolensville, Summerlyn; Buyer: Drees Premier Homes Inc; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $2,205,648.
915 Inglenook Court, Nolensville, Ballenger Farms; Buyer: Devon and Hunter Eubanks; Seller: Sarah Walker and Brian Joseph Garrand; $428,900.


261 Mary Ann Circle, Spring Hill, Petra Commons; Buyer: Jenna and Jacob Coners; Seller: Regent Homes LLC; $254,625.
100 Chad Lane, Spring Hill, Shirebrook; Buyer: Jung Yeo Jung; Seller: Regent Homes LLC; $274,000.
5 vacant lots on Stewart Campbell Point, Spring Hill, Brixworth; Buyer: Stoneridge Homes Inc; Seller: Wright Homes LLC; $501,460.
2850 Hurt Road, Spring Hill; Buyer: Darrel E Reifschneider; Seller: SHTN LLC; $200,000.
1009 Gadwall Lane, Spring Hill, Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Allie and Calvin Frey; Seller: Bonner Builders Inc; $647,850.
1241 Chapmans Retreat Drive, Spring Hill, Chapmans Retreat; Buyer: Rosalie and Chad C Rogers; Seller: Homier Homes LLC; $319,900.
1619 Fair House Road, Spring Hill, Spring Hill Place; Buyer: Erin R and Patrick L Schneider; Seller: Jane H and George D Carter; $425,000.
7002 San Gilberto Court, Spring Hill, Benevento East; Buyer: Bradley Ray Sackett; Seller: Pulte Homes TN LP; $415,775.
2136 Long Meadow Drive, Spring Hill, Wakefield; Buyer: Charles O’Donnell; Seller: Kristen Turnbell; $235,000.
1371 Round Hill Lane, Spring Hill, Spring Hill Place; Buyer: Amanda H and Frank M Byers Jr; Seller: Cornerstone Construction Management LLC; $529,900.
4003 Cardigan Lane, Spring Hill, Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Pranny B and Bharatkumar Patel; Seller: Clark Custom Homes LLC; $615,000.
5019 Saunders Terrace, Spring Hill, Chapmans Retreat; Buyer: Lindsey and Chad Wayne Hill; Seller: Tamara L and Scott D Barker; $284,900.


Lots 6015 and 6030 on Creamery Bridge Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Barlow Builders LLC; Seller: Heritage Construction Group LLC; $390,000.
2513 Wellesley Square Drive, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Kirkwoods Vino LLC; Seller: Willow Branch Partners LLC; $378,120.
2761 Wiltshire Court, Thompson’s Station, Crowne Pointe; Buyer: Lindsey Anderson; Seller: Phoenix Holding Group LLC; $255,000.
2894 Stewart Campbell Point, Thompson’s Station, Crowne Pointe; Buyer: Opendoor Property W30 LLC; Seller: Laura and Merlin R Wellhousen; $314,500.
3355 Vinemont Drive, Thompson’s Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Kevin Wade Sturgill; Seller: Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC; $441,182.
101 Newport Meadows Circle, Thompson’s Station, Newport Meadows; Buyer: Opendoor Property W29 LLC; Seller: Heather D Rose; $190,000.
3330 Vinemont Drive, Thompson’s Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Lynndey M and Christopher E Reid; Seller: Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC; $399,990.
2833 Americus Drive, Thompson’s Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Jason A Lamar; Seller: Darla and Jay T Rae; $382,000.

3153 Pleasantville Bridge Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: Elda B and Melborn T Johnston; Seller: Old South Construction LLC; $577,898.
2928 Churchill Lane, Thompson’s Station, Churchill Farms; Buyer: Opendoor Property W26 LLC; Seller: Carrie L and Scott R Stafford; $312,700.

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