LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disputing Blackburn assertion on CNN

To the Editor:

Marsha Blackburn held a town hall meeting in Fairview on Feb. 21. The crowd was clearly passionate about hearing answers from Ms. Blackburn.  Good for her for showing up. The rest of the story?

Those 130 of us who were able to pack the room RSVP’d and got an acknowledgement that we were accepted.  Once there we checked in by name with Identification.  We were required to arrive 90 minutes early to enter and as we waited we listened to the conversations of those around us.  Folks were from Brentwood, Fairview, Franklin, and Nunnelly:  ALL in district 7.  The Fairview mayor requested a show of hands for those from Blackburn’s 7th district.  All but a very few hands went up.  During the meeting, of the 12-15 questions that were asked by people randomly selected by the Fairview mayor, only 1 was asked by someone who said he was outside Ms. Blackburn’s district (Murfreesboro).

Now this is not definitive data.  People may have lied about where they lived, but I saw no evidence of subterfuge by the attendees. Nonetheless, Ms. Blackburn had the gall to go on CNN on Feb. 22 and state that the majority of attendees were from outside her district.  She stated that less than 1/3 of the attendees were her constituents.  In saying this Ms. Blackburn summarily dismissed the opinions and fears of her constituents in that room.  She chose to discredit rather than listen to the concerns of the citizens.

For whom do you work, Ms. Blackburn?  I think you’ve forgotten.


Blair Warman Nickle

Franklin, Tennessee

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