Library offers books, CDs, movies, and now, a metal detector

Library offers books, CDs, movies, and now, a metal detector

PHOTO :Donna Willoughby, Dolores Greenwald and Andy Willoughby pose with the library’s new metal detector / Photo by Brooke Wanser


On Tuesday, the owners of Handy Hardware on Columbia Avenue donated a new metal detector to the Williamson County Library.

Having the detector available to library patrons was Williamson County Library Director, Dolores Greenwald’s idea.

“Libraries are doing very innovative things and checking out materials besides books,” like sewing machines and lawn equipment, she said.

Greenwald knew Andy Willoughby and his wife, Donna, sold metal detectors at their store, so she contacted them. Handy Hardware is one of the largest vendors of White’s metal detectors in the Southern United States.

Andy Willoughby said there are still artifacts to be found around town where the historic Battle of Franklin occurred.

Willoughby said he searches for coins, known as “coin shooting,” and has been metal detecting for over 30 years.

Greenwald said that when she asked, Andy said, “Oh, man, that’s a good idea. White’s has never done it for anybody.”

The library’s new model, a basic Coinmaster model, costs around $250. Willoughby said adult metal detector models can cost up to $1,600.

Whether patrons want to use the detector to search for misplaced jewelry, historic artifacts, or an excuse to spend time outdoors with family, Greenwald and the Willoughbys believe the product will be in high demand.

The simple-to-use detector will be available from the Williamson County Library on Columbia Avenue beginning next week, Greenwald said, and will likely be available for 24 to 48 hour windows of time.

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