Life Time Athletic Franklin seeks to foster healthy lifestyles in a luxury setting

Life Time Athletic Franklin seeks to foster healthy lifestyles in a luxury setting


There is a three-letter word they avoid at Life Time Athletic Franklin. It refers to a place where many go to exercise and rhymes with “him.”

The people involved with Life Time Athletic Franklin do not use the term “gym” to describe their business because they feel it does not fully capture the range of services and level of luxury they offer.

Life Time founder, chairman and CEO Bahram Akradi had something different in mind when he started the company in 1992.

“He wanted to build a place that was very resort-like and one where the consumer wanted to be to get healthy and active versus a place they felt they had to be,” Life Time Vice President of Corporate Communications Jason Thunstrom said.

That distinction is apparent in the company’s new Franklin location, which officially opens to all members on Monday, Nov. 13 at 4 a.m.

At Life Time Athletic Franklin you will not find just the usual array of exercise equipment and swimming facilities you may get at a more traditional health club. Instead, the complex features a variety of services and amenities..

There is the LifeCafe, for instance, where members can grab a healthy meal in the midst of their activity. There is the LifeSpa, which offers a full-service salon as well as quiet rooms for massages. There is the Kids Academy, where children can play and engage in educational pursuits like language immersion classes while their parents visit other areas of the complex. On top of that are a variety of group fitness classes, Yoga classes, Pilates classes and more.

Perhaps one of the most unique features of Life Time Athletic Franklin is its LT Proactive Care Clinic, an onsite medical office where patients can see a doctor and get a full physical examination.

This wide range of opportunities at Life Time Athletic Franklin serves to underline one of the company’s prime objective: to customize a member’s experience so they get the most of out of their membership.

“It really starts from the day they walk in here,” Thunstrom said. “We say why are you here? What’s your goal? What’s happening in your life? We really want to guide you on a healthier life journey from your first day to your very last day.”

A key part of that recipe for success is engagement. Life Time Athletic Franklin wants its members to stay engaged and visit often. They strive to achieve that goal by getting to know their members and those members’ areas of interest.

Life Time Athletic Franklin employees are “going to get you connected to your interests whether it’s swimming or basketball or running or cycling or any of our studio programming because if you’re connected to your interests you are going to … have fun, you are going to probably stick with it,” Thunstrom said. “You are probably also going to build a brand new network of friends, and you’re going to want to be here.”

Life Time Athletic Franklin is the company’s 129th location and its second in Tennessee. Another location opened in 2009 in the greater Memphis area.

The Franklin location is open seven days a week from 4 a.m. to midnight. Monthly membership rates start at $119. More information about joining, as well as class schedules can be found here.

Life Time Athletic Franklin is located at 5020 Carothers Parkway.

The double staircase encountered when one first enters the building is a design touch unique to the Franklin location.
The LifeCafe serves food that will not make you feel guilty for eating it before or after a workout. It also serves as a place for friends and family to congregate.
Here are the rules that apply to all menu items at the LifeCafe.
A place to relax in the LifeSpa.
The LifeSpa offers haircare, skincare, nailcare and massage services. Here is one of the rooms.
The men’s locker room has a classier look than is typical at many gyms. Like the women’s locker room, there is a direct entrance to the spa so that you do not have to wander around the place in your towel to get where you want to go.
The indoor whirlpool at Life Time Athletic Franklin.
Life Time Athletic has a number of different swimming options for guests. Here are the indoor pools, including a children’s pool that features a gently declining entrance that mimics what it’s like to walk into the ocean from the beach.
There is a second LifeCafe location outside next to the pool area.
Kids can play and learn at the Life Time Kids Academy while their parents or guardians explore the rest of the complex.
A large indoor play area at the Kids Academy.
In addition to play areas and learning labs, the Kids Academy also features a kid-sized gymnasium.
Some of the state-of-the-art treadmills at Life Time Athletic Franklin. The company is involved in the design of many of its workout equipment.
The Ultimate Hoops basketball court where pick-up games can take on the grandeur of more elite play.
A view of the outdoor aquatic oasis, which features a whirlpool, water slides and more.
The Cycle Studio at Life Time Athletic Franklin. There are circular vents near the ceiling that shoot air out at exercisers to mimic the feeling of wind on an outdoor bike ride.
Weights and medicine balls at Life Time Athletic Franklin.
This custom piece of equipment, known as Outrace, was designed to work out any part of the body.
Another view of some of the weight training equipment on the building’s second level.
LT Proactive Services takes a holistic view of personal health that focuses on nutrition, exercise and good lifestyle choices. “What happens in medical clinics today is everything is so reactive,” LT Proactive Care President Stephanie Hu said. “You come in, they give you the medication and then you’re out the door. And then what happens? That’s a short term solve, not a long term solve.” LT Proactive Care seeks to break that cycle.
A view of the front of the new Life Time Athletic Franklin building on Carothers Parkway.

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